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5 Best Feng Shui Fridge Placement Tips For A Stylish Look

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Skye Rhodes

Feng shui fridge placement can be a difficult thing to conquer in your home.

Normally, when we think about decoration, we just want to see our places beautiful.

So, we use pretty colors for our walls or place some awesome pictures in our rooms.

Maybe we surf the web and find some color schemes to fit each of our house rooms.

Or if we like to keep a Zen style try to keep everything white or gray with tiny touches of black.

We try to maintain every room in order, and even look for some shelves for our books or clothes.

These shelves are normally wood-made or metal-made and have straight and even lines.

Then, to add some touch of life we include some plants.

We buy these plants based on its beauty, or maybe its immediate benefits, e.g. Aloe Vera.

For our home appliances, we look for the most elegant and fully functional.

And then we realize that tidiness is also a huge part of the decoration in our home.

So we try to clean our houses at least once a week and focus on these hidden parts or corners full of dust.

But, between all these paths to have the most beautiful home, we might forget energy.

And I’m not talking about energy to power your home appliances.

I’m talking about the energy flow within your home.

Energy flow is important nor only for decoration but also for success in life.

When you have a good inner energy flow you find that everything is easy.

You can solve your problems better, and connect more deeply with people.

That’s why in this article we are going to tell you how to deal with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a huge discipline.

So, we are going to focus just on one room and one appliance: Kitchen and fridge.

Before we get into the feng shui fridge placement tips, let’s get into the background of feng shui.

Table of Contents

What is Feng-Shui?

Don’t worry if you have not ever heard about Feng Shui before.

Feng Shui is an antique philosophic Chinese system focused on the harmonic organization of the places.

Originally it was a branch of knowledge that studied the changes within nature, the weather and the stars.

According to Feng Sui, good organization influences the person positively.

In the early times, the Chinese Empire was the only one that applies Feng Shui.

Thus, only imperial and nobility constructions used Feng Shui.

However, the republican times in China prohibited every use of Feng Shui.

Finally, the new age has popularized and extended Feng Shui practice around the globe.

One of the most important elements of Feng Shui is “Chi”.

Chi is like the vital breath of every object, and space and shapes modify it.

Shapes are also relevant to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui associates the mountains shape with the celestial guardians: Dragon, Tiger, Tortue, Fenix, and Snake.

Equally as important is Ying and Yang.

As you might know, Ying and Yang bring opposition to space.

Feng Shui states that there is not opposite without opposition.

In so, opposite elements are needed mutually and are a reflection of life.

There is simply no possibility to smile without knowing how to cry.

We understand that there are joyful times because we have been also through the pain.

Yin is the dark, cold, material, north, night and feminine side.

Yang reflects summer, spirituality, positiveness, day, warmth and masculine side.

So, those combinations, according to Feng Shui keeps our chi or vital force.

And we have to implement Feng Shui tips in our places to keep high our energy.

Why Placement is Important to Feng-Shui?

According to Chinese, from each cardinal point, we receive some kind of energy.

These energies or Chi helps us to boost our goals.

Within our homes, these energies can be spatially located to control them.

This control allows us to focus the energy on our personal aims.

Feng Shui states that the house is a reflection of our inner mind.

In so, if we modify the outside we can generate spiritual and psychological changes in us.

So, placing things in the right positions act like affirmations for good energy.

Reactivate our energy implies changes site stuff, removing some things and add new ones.

When we move these objects, we are moving our own energies.

You might discover that you are using some rooms as disposal for beliefs and thoughts.

Maybe you have that closet drawer full of old stuff, that you unconsciously do not like.

If that is the case Feng Shui says: get rid of that.

Places and objects that we do not like are a source of bad energy-flow to us.

For Feng Shui, there are two crucial directions for your home.

One is the direction of the front of the facade of your house.

The second one is the opposite, the walls of the back of your home or your backyard.

The facade of a house is known to be the direct entrance of energy

Also, the front of the house is the path to connect with the outside.

You must not forget about the back of your house, though.

The back position is associated with wealth, fame and relationships.

So, the idea is to keep a good energy flow around the house.

One of the most famous tools for good energy orientation is the Bagua Map.

Using the Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is a basic tool in Feng Shui as it represents the energetic plane of your home.

This plane is divided into nine areas, composed of 3 rows and 3 columns.

Each area represents a different and vital aspect of our lives.

Each one of those aspects has a position within the map as follows:

Wealth is in the upper-left area.

Fame is on the upper-center area and also represents the element of fire.

Relationships, love, and marriage are in the upper-right area.

Health and Family are located in the center-left area and represents the element of wood.

Next to it, in the very center of the map is the element of earth.

On the center-right side are creativity, sons, and daughters.

The lower-left side is the area for knowledge, intelligence, and academic success.

Then is the professional career area, also the place for the element of water.

Finally, in the lower-right area, you will find travel and meaningful persons.

There is more than one way to read and understand the Bagua map.

One school states that the map has to be placed according to the main door.

In that way, you will have to place the lower row of the map on the same side of the front door.

An example of this placement will be something like that.

On the other side is the Compass School

That school states that the orientation for the Bagua Map is related to the cardinal points as follows:

Professional career: North

Knowledge: North-east.

Travels: North-west

Health: East

Wealth: South-east.

Fame: South

Relationships: South-west.

To apply the Bagua map to our house we will have to search the North with a compass.

Then as the North will represent the professional career we just have to organize the rest of the areas.

The Kitchen on the Feng Shui Philosophy

Now that we have explained why orientation and placement are vital to the energy flow, let’s talk about kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the more important rooms for Feng Shui.

Feng Shui usually link food to abundance and wealth.

So, this is one of the rooms that generate prosperity as you cook your food in it.

The food that makes you healthy and happy comes from out of the kitchen.

As you might know, the ideal area on the Bagua map is south.

This is because the south represents fire, the most meaningful element in the kitchen.

And, talking about elements…

Kitchen is also important as it joins two vitals and opposite elements: water and fire.

Within the kitchen, the stove represents the element of fire.

The stove, any kind it could be, represents money, reputation and, social life.

Consequently, if you want to boost your prosperity, please use the stove.

The less you use your kitchen, the less energy flow for wealth it will have.

Then the sink will represent the element of water.

The sink and water mean love.

Love includes self-love and the love we have for others.

This area should be clean and clear, as it reflects the spiritual state of the household.

As fire and water are opposite elements you should place them apart.

The stove shouldn’t be next to the sink and vice-versa.

The other zone of activity in the kitchen is our fridge.

Let’s talk about it.

The Importance of the Fridge

You might think that the fridge is just another appliance within your home.

But, did you ever imagine your life without it?

In the early times, where there was no fridge, people have to use salt to keep food in good condition.

The ancient also used different spices to avoid their food to be rotten.

That is why the Colombus travels were so important.

The main history states that Colombus was looking for a new route to India when he finds America.

The route to India was crucial to him to trade with salt and spices.

And, as there were no fridges, salt and species were a highly demanded product.

Nowadays, if you do not have a microwave, there is not a problem, you can cook on the stove.

If you do not have a coffee machine, you can use granulated coffee, or prepare it on a pot.

And even if you do not have a washing machine, you can use your hands to clean your clothes.

But living without a fridge is almost impossible… at least you live in the South or the North Pole.

Normally, we face the fridge’s importance when there is no electricity in our homes.

The poultry, fish, and meat can not stand more than 3-4 four days outside.

Not to mention milk, that even if it is UHT needs to keep refrigerated.

And, if you are vegetarian and think you might not have any trouble without a fridge, you are wrong.

Even vegetables need cold temperatures to keep in a good state.

Finally, what is the place where you normally place your food?

Correct! The fridge.

Feng Shui Fridge Placement

If the fridge is so important to our lives, it will be as important to our energy flow in our homes.

As we focus on Feng Shui, let’s remember that food means prosperity.

If we live without a fridge there is more possibility to get our food rotten.

And rotten food will means rotten wealthy, and we do not want that.

For Feng Shui, the fridge with the stove and the sink make the “work triangle”

Feng Shui states that every kitchen has to have a “work triangle” formed by the placement of the fridge, stove, and sink.

With that in mind, we have an easy conclusion: Do not have those three elements on a line.

If they are making a line and not a triangle, Feng Shui says, they are going to be faced.

As the stove represents fire, the sink water, and the fridge metal, they have to be in harmony.

So, avoid living in a home with a small linear kitchen.

Instead, look for a room or an open space that allows you to built a U or L kitchen.

In these types of kitchen, it is far more easy to place your fridge properly.

So, after you have your proper place, please keep in mind these tips for placing your fridge:

First: The Metal is West or Northwest

The most important rule on Feng Shui as we say above is the orientation.

For Feng Shui, each orientation leads to a special element in the earth.

The fridge represents the metal element.

On Feng Shui, the metal element is associated with the trigram Chien and Tui.

Tui represents autumn, sunset, and harvest and its orientation is the west.

It is related also to intelligence new projects and creativity.

Chien, on the other side, represents the sky, the creation, power, and brave and its orientation is Northwest.

So, to keep avoiding confrontation, it is better to place your fridge in the west or northwest side of the kitchen.

The most simple way to find the orientation within your kitchen is by using a compass.

And, if it turns out that your kitchen has not any west or northwest side, then place your fridge looking to that orientation.

Second: Place your Fridge Far from the Stove

And this is a piece of advice nor only for Feng Shui.

Stoves generate heat, and, for an electric device such as a fridge that is not adequate.

The heat generated by the stove and oven the fridge walls causing overheating on the last.

An overheating fridge diminishes its useful life and could lead to engine failure.

Besides a fridge near a stove makes more difficult to cook.

Large handles of pots and pans, not to mention the oil splashes.

But in regards to Feng Shui, the opposition between elements is the general rule that forbids the fridge next to the stove.

Remember that the fridge represents metal and stove fire.

So, we do not want those elements to face each other.

These clashes lead to a bad flow of energy.

Third: Create the Work Triangle

We talk about it before but is better to remember you that the triangle work is vital to a Feng Shui kitchen.

So, to create it you just have to bear in mind that the fridge cannot be opposite (aka. next to) the sink or the stove.

And do not worry if your kitchen is not large enough: you can create a tiny triangle.

Our recommendation for creating the triangle is first of all thinking about placing the sink.

We can place the fridge and the stove nearly everywhere, but the sink usually requires to think about pipes.

Therefore, look at your kitchen and find out where is the way out of water.

Normally, is at this point where you are going to place the sink.

Then, with that point in mind create from it an imaginary triangle.

There are some types of triangles and here you can have an idea of some of them.

Thus, the sink will be the first corner and the stove and fridge will make the other two corners.

It can happen that, depending on the triangle you choose, the stove will be next to the fridge.

So, if they are on the same line, you can avoid bad energy flow separating them the more you can.

And if you have a small kitchen you can place some piece of wood between them.

Be creative, for this object could be a decoration piece or a plant.

Fourth: Door vs. Door

One of the most important laws of Feng Shui is: avoid facing doors.

When we talk, in Feng Shui, about facing doors or windows we talk about the difficulty in Chi energy flow.

Doors and windows are access to the proper energy flow within our houses.

Hence, when we have doors or windows that face each other we are letting the incoming energy go out immediately.

This affects especially our wealth and prosperity because the release of energy means excessive expenses.

This also applies to our fridge.

Our fridge has normally a door, hasn’t it?

Therefore, try to avoid placing your fridge in front of the door.

Here is quite helpful to have an open kitchen.

An open kitchen has no doors and connects deeply with other areas like the dining or the living room.

But if you do not like to have an open kitchen, then do not place the fridge in front of the kitchen door.

Fifth: What is Above?

Normally, when we think about placement or orientation we focus on cardinal points.

Or simply, we think about what is in front or next of us.

But, for the fridge, it is important what is above it.

Unless you have a giant refrigerator, there is usually a spare space on the top of the refrigerator.

It is a common mistake that we put other electronic appliances on the fridge.

When we do not have a shelf to our microwave, then we look at the top of the fridge and place it there.

But, as we said before, that is a mistake.

When we do this we create an electrical or magnetical airflow that is not good for the energy flow of our house.

And, in some cases, it is related to bad health.

Finally, many of the fridge user’s manual, recommends to keep out other electric devices to avoid any kind of failure.

Thus, if you want to keep the Feng Shui in your kitchen, and still put something on the fridge, use the wood element.

Yes, that is, a plant!

But if you have a large fridge, and there is not enough room for your plant, you can place a drawer or shelf instead.

Of course, the idea is that this drawer, cupboard or shelf be wood-made.

Sixth: The Fridge Belongs to the Kitchen

In recent times, is common that we eat a lot more than before.

I mean, food is amazing, no?

Hence, we try to have our food near us, because there is a lot of effort walking 100 steps to reach the kitchen!

So, we place the fridge in our rooms.

And even if you are not a glutton, you can place your fridge in your room if you share your apartment to avoid your food to disappear.

But, that is not a good habit.

According to Feng Shui, a fridge in your bedroom could lead to frustration, anxiety or personality disorders.

Besides, a fridge in your bedroom will cause you to eat more than you need.

That will be an excess, and Feng Shui is a philosophy to avoid any kind of excess.

Other Key Aspects to Feng Shui Related to Your Fridge

Do not forget that Feng Shui food means prosperity.

So, you have to take care of your food, but also the place where you put it.

You might leave alone and have your fridge to have a can of milk, two eggs, and a lemon.

But, your fridge should be full of food.

An empty fridge means an empty account.

Thus, if you do not have enough food, try to change your fridge for a smaller one.

And, try to eat more at home.

That will keep you cooking and, therefore buying the necessary food to do it.

And finally, keep your fridge clean!

Feng Shui loves order and tidy places.

Good luck with your fridge, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on the 5 best feng shui fridge placement tips for a stylish look in your home.

If you have a tip that’s not on this list and should be, let us know down in the comments below!

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