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10 Best Art Deco Drawer Pulls & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Art deco drawer pulls are an excellent addition to any home.

Accessibility to everything in your drawer or cabinet is key.

Are you looking for the best way to access what’s inside your drawer?

You’re just at the right place and reading the right article.

Drawer pulls are the final touch to your home furniture.

They can really change your space mood and create an attractive style inside your house.

Table of Contents

10 Best Art Deco Drawer Pulls Reviewed

Maybe you are not sure what kind of drawer pulls you may need to consider, so here is the best selection for you to choose from.

Ravinte 5” Cabinet Pulls for Kitchen Drawers

You need good and well-polished drawer pulls to make things a little bit easier at home.

They are all useful in every room.

Whether you are looking for oil rubbed bronze, cast iron, or brass as your perfect selection, then don’t go anywhere.

Bring a different look to your home with a handle that has a wide application on your kitchen cabinet, or desk drawer.

The handles are not only strong but also durable because of their stainless steel material.

This type of drawer is finished with classic satin nickel.

The handle is 5 inches long with a center to center hole spacing of the handle of 3 inches.

The look of these drawers is nice and can perfectly fit your home.

Pros and Benefits

Are looking for art deco drawer pulls that can allow you to widely apply it at your home?

You are in the right place.

This art deco allows you to use them on cabinet kitchens, drawer desks, wardrobe drawers, and cupboards.

Someone who loves compatibility will love this kind of drawer.

This art deco is compatible with different styles of cabinets and wardrobes.

You don’t need to waste time with installation.

It is easy to install.

Basics Euro Bar Drawer Pull Satin Nickel

Do you feel like you have lost real touch in your home?

If yes is your answer, then you need to bring back that touch with this kind of drawer pull.

The drawer and cabinet handles are made from Zinc and finished with satin nickel.

The handle measures 5.38 inches with two screws 3 inches apart.

This drawer pull has a wide application since it can fit any drawer or cabinet.

No more struggles while opening or closing your drawers since they are rounded.

This also gives your home a modern look and touch.

Pros and Benefits

Nickel hardware can really make you smile.

It blends well with all styles.

Whether it is traditional or contemporary styles, this art deco will give you a perfect match.

It’s resistant to corrosion and wears.

Do you want to slow the natural aging process?

Then you need to consider this kind of a drawer pull.

Alpine Hardware Chrome Finish Drawer Handles

You need to be bold enough to bring solid stainless steel pulls that add flavor to any of your hardware drawers.

This drawer pull is polished with a fine chrome finish.

One unique thing about this art deco pull is that they’re not hollow.

It is a durable and easy to install kind of a drawer pull since installation has been made easier.

The handle is 5.38 inches in length with 3 inches center to center (mounting holes).

Pros and Benefits

Looking for highly polished cabinet hardware?

Then this can be your perfect choice to add art deco to your home.

It looks nice in your polished home and can create some wonderful drama when well blended.

The chrome finish is corrosive resistant.

A type of handle you would want to consider for your home cabinets.

Golden Black Square Bar Cabinet Pull Drawer

Stylish and unique.

Do you have a desire to bring a modern look to some old furniture in your home?

If yes then worry not, you are sorted out.

Drawer pulls made of top quality stainless steel, lightweight, and durable enough to serve you.

They are anti-corrosive.

The handle is 5 inches long with hole centers of 5 inches, thickness, and width of half-inch each.

The drawer pulls have a smooth surface and bring some joy when using them.

Pros and Benefits

Do you have any fears?


What are you fearing when it comes to handles?

This drawer pull is durable and tough.


And you need a pull that gives you an easy time to clean and wipe, right?

You can easily care for this kind of handle.

Ravinte Drawer Pulls Flat Black Cabinet Cup

Have you recently redesigned your kitchen, bath, or even your office?

Flat black cup pulls can be ideal for you.

This cup pull can be widely used in your home.

On your kitchen cabinet, cupboard, and wardrobe drawers.

They are appealing to the eye and have a sense of touch.

With the advancement in design techniques, this drawer pull is made to last for a long time.

The cup pull is 3 inches long with a screw-hole distance to be 3 inches on the drawer.

Pros and Benefits

This will serve you well.

Because it’s quite a durable kind of handle.

Widely applicable in your home.

You can use them on kitchen cabinets, desk drawers, and wardrobes.

Can work well with older homes.

Sound like your best choice.

Cosmas Polished Chrome Euro Style Cabinet Hardware Bar

If you would love your home to be furnished with strong and durable drawer pulls then this is for you to consider.

They are an easy one to install.

This is a polished solid chrome finish.

Most chrome pulls are 3 inches center to center in mounting holes and 5 inches as overall lengths.

This hardware bar pull can prove its functionality perfectly.

Pros and Benefits

Value for your money is key here.

You need a drawer handle that is of high quality.

If you’re looking for a heavy drawer pull, then don’t look further.

Euro style bar pull is solid and not hollow.

It blends well with your other home decor.

Franklin Brass Curved Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Handle

Are you looking for a home décor that would give a personal touch and feel to the entire room?

If your response is yes, then Franklin brass curved pull is perfect for you.

It is a satin nickel finish.

Perfect for creating that elegance you’ve always wanted to have in your room.

This drawer easily blends with other furniture in your home.

Pros and Benefits

Its subtle curve offers a nice and stylish accent to your home.

One of the features of this drawer pull is that it’s easy to match with other cabinetry in your home.

Please don’t get upset because it’s easy to install.

Cabinet Pulls Matte Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Drawer

Bring a modern look to your home that can work on both your cabinets and drawers.

The pulls are strong and can last for a long time because of their stainless steel material.

These pulls are well covered with a black matte finish.

The handle is 5 inches long with holes for screws as 3 inches apart on the drawer.

Make a good choice today to bring these pulls along with you to your home.

Pros and Benefits

Stainless steel with a matte black finish makes it quite strong and durable.

Coordinates well with your other home accessories.

Grab your tools and easily install this drawer pull without being upset.

Homdiy Cabinet Handles Nickel Drawer Pulls Stainless Steel

When it comes to making the right choice, you don’t need to miss out on this.

Drawer pulls that bring harmony at home by blending well into the room.

They are made of strong stainless steel and finished with brushed nickel.

The handle measures 5 inches wide and the holes for the screws are 3 inches apart.

If you are looking for a classy look, then this belongs to you.

They are hollow inside to make them lightweight and durable.

Pros and Benefits

You don’t need a heavy handle, is that right?

This nickel stainless steel pull is lightweight.

They are hollow in construction.

A strong and durable kind of handle.

This handle is the perfect one for creating harmony.

They blend well with other designs.

Homdiy Brushed Nickel Round Bar Cabinet Pull

Are you looking for a perfect fit for your home?

You just said yes, I suppose.

Homdiy nickel pulls offer you that perfect opportunity.

It is made of high-quality stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish.

It is made hollow and lightweight.

It is strong and durable.

The pull is 6 inches long with 4 inches center to center.

Pros and Benefits

The brushed finish will give you a soft and nice modern look.

They are easy to install giving you some easy time.

It blends with all styles you may want.

For example, the traditional and the contemporary styles.

Things You Need to Consider

What do you consider when choosing handles or pulls for your cabinets or drawers?

If you want a drawer pull that will stand the test of time and give you some humble time at your home, then this is for you to consider.

1. High quality and functionality

First and foremost, you need to be a little practical here.

Have a touch of the drawer pulls you intend to purchase.

Have a sense of touch, how do they feel in your hands?

You will not only need stylish pulls but also comfortable ones.

2. The style of the drawer pulls

Secondly, choices have consequences, right?

What you choose as a pull will affect your entire home.

Maybe you are an old fashioned person who would want to have old styles.

That’s your style, right?

Or you may want to minimize style a bit and go for simple and streamlined handles?

Then look at slim rectangular bar handles, softly curved barrel handles which have clean lines.

Which style suits you the best?

Or maybe you are in-between.

You’re neither traditional nor a contemporary person. You are a transitional person.

There is also something for you.

You can combine both the traditional and contemporary styles and have a perfectly simple style of your own.

3. The finishing touch

The third factor you need to consider is the finishing touch.

We’re not finishing the discussion now though!

Don’t go anywhere now, just relax!

Finishes range from stainless steel to brass to black.

Something you need to know when choosing the finish?

Yes, you need to consider other feature elements in your home.

For example, your cabinet handles may have a feature that perfectly matches your handles on the sink taps.

This perfect match gives the kitchen a beautiful outlook.

4. Size of the drawer handle

Here we’re again with a practical test.

Your taste and personal preferences matter.

You may want to mix handle lengths or use the same size.

You may want to create some consistency in your home.

Then picking on the right size will do just that.

5. Position of the handle

The next point is your positioning of the handles.

A general tip is this; handles are placed vertically on doors and horizontally on pull-out drawers.

You may need to be practical and test the positions and heights you want to place your handles.

6. Totally no handles

This sounds great!

You may opt for no handles at all.

This will mean you will leave some space at the top of each drawer or door to allow you to open and close the drawers and door without a handle.

How to Select Art Deco Drawer Pulls

Do you love knobs?

If you love beauty and functionality then that’s enough reason to love knobs and pulls.

There are many finishes and styles of knobs and pulls that can beautify your home.

Let’s look at how we can select one of these knobs and pulls.

Are you ready?

Don’t move anywhere.

1. Do you want a knob or a pull?

First of all, you need to determine if you need a knob or a pull.

Which one of these do you find comfort when opening your drawer?

Using a pull allows you to grab with your whole hand.

But as for knobs you only use fingers.

Your drawers get heavy with stuff and pull may do you good.

2. Think about a square or a curved handler

Which one do you prefer?

Your existing cabinet designs will help you figure this out.

Wait a minute!

What are some of the examples of square cabinet styles?

Shakers and flat panels are perfect examples.

Traditional raised panel doors, pillow-top doors are examples of curved cabinet styles.

Taking note of your cabinet styles will be of importance in selecting knobs and pulls.

3. The finishing touch

Brushed nickel or chrome matches well with some designs like oil-rubbed bronze.

It is important to consider your finish before you select the best knob or pull.

4. The comfort of the design

Think about your comfort when it comes to drawers and cabinets.

Can we be practical here?

Have a sense of touch, feel the knobs and pulls with your hands and fingers.

Do you feel good?

Great you got it right now!

Think about how many times you need to use the pulls and the knobs on a single day, then make a choice.

5. Estimate the cost

Are you thinking about getting value for your money?

Do a little price comparison with companies around you.

You do not need to spend much when you can get a variety of hardware at affordable prices.

Different Types of Handles and Knobs for Sliding Drawers

Home décor needs are growing and gaining traction.

A variety of handles, slides, and knobs are being introduced to meet the demand.

In this discussion, let’s explore some of the styles and designs to make your home more serene.

1. Robe drawer handles

Are you looking for the latest trending styles of handles?

Then this piece is for you.

Robe drawer handles are best suited for cottage houses or beach houses.

It gives the house a new look and the visitor may have a sense of warmth with robe drawer handles.

2. Pull toy drawer handles

This type of handle sounds familiar to you?

If you are looking for nice designs for children then this is for you.

This can really add some elegance to your home.

Go ahead and try this!

This is just good for your home.

3. Mold drawer knobs

Do you desire a more relaxed kind of handle?

Mold drawer knobs are made of clay and it always gives a casual feel.

Do you want to make them more appealing?

Then you need to paint and make add glitter.

4. Glass drawer knobs

If you are looking for a more customized knob, then the glass drawer is your perfect choice.

It makes your home so luxurious.

5. Leather pull drawer handles

Do you want to have a traditional feel and look at your house?

This can be a good choice for you.

It gives you some fun when pulling the loop underneath while opening the drawers.

This is having leather strips on the cabinet.

The leather strips are folded upwards and bolts applied at the center to leave a loop underneath.

6. Pipe pull drawer handles

A copper piece of pipe is cut and placed horizontally on the drawer knob.

These handles are placed depending on the length and width of the cabinet.

7. Marble drawer knobs

Do you want a durable kind of handle?

The marble drawer knob is durable.

They are small, precise and their details add some elegance to the drawer cabinet.

Final thoughts

The art deco drawer pulls we have discussed are just a few of them.

The rating may vary from time to time as people write reviews every time.

We hope and believe that this article will help guide you in finding the drawer pull of your choice.

Let us know if you have any questions by commenting below.

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