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10 Best Centerpiece Fillers & Their Reviews In 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Practically all humans like to interact, playing host at one point or another, and a great way to add some personality to your table décor when you have guests is, to use centerpiece vase fillers.

A good table decoration, will enhance the theme and give an elegant feel for any occasion, or a normal dinner.

The centerpieces, help to draw attention and play an important role in table decorations because it, adds up a finishing touch.

Keep centerpieces and table arrangements changing, as this helps in improving the mood, and makes a difference with little effort exerted.

Talking about arranging centerpieces well, it’s quite the easiest and the most affordable task, which actually makes a lot of difference and you can use many of the items over and over again, in various ways too.

It defines your personality, mood, expression, where your wish to keep it simple or make it festive, ties it to a special occasion or mood.

This article highlights the 10 best centerpiece fillers, so, you should study each object and look for differences and similarities in lines, forms, and ideas between them, as all you need to do is, experiment with the design.

Table of Contents

1. Creative Scents Schonwerk Pillar Candle Holder

Creative scents candle holder
The first product we’ve is the creative scents functional candle holder, which gives you great value for money.

This set consists of two candleholders, which makes it a perfect table decoration, blending it in with pretty much any home décor.

It’s masterfully crafted to give a feeling of premium design finish, with ensuring maximum durability as well.

A perfect gift? Of course, the lovely colors and beautiful lines give it a gorgeous touch, hence, making it a stunning option for a perfect gift.

A pair of high quality, top-notch, and crackled mosaic design, that will provide you service for years to come, is worth a one time purchase.

If the price is not an issue, this will level up your décor game instantly, with that royal look and that unique texture.

It has been made precisely by the experts, who’re extremely qualified craftsmen, which gives an international level of an export quality product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built to last long enough
  • Great for table decoration on any occasion including wedding décor
  • Best for a gift

2. Creative Scents Schonwerk Walnut Decorative Orbs

Creative scents orbs
Talking about creative scents, here’s another product, not a candle but spherical decorative balls, which can be used as vase fillers and for less than thirty dollars, a fair deal.

These decorative centerpiece vase filler orbs come in a set of three, at an irresistible price, which makes it an offer quite worth it.

Experiment and have fun with your creativity while pairing it with a glass bowl, to create an impressively striking centerpiece, or try using them as vase fillers, with a unique and wonderful look.

As if this isn’t enough, you don’t have to deal with breaking, rusting or cracking, because of the high-quality resin, which makes it feel heavy and quite durable, in comparison to other decorative vase filler balls out there in the market.

The beauty lies in detailing it so carefully, to ensure that the crackled mosaic design, portrays a clean aesthetic feel to it.

It’s an occasion and you’re looking for an affordable present, and premium as well? Well, this centerpiece can fulfill all those requirements for you. 

A promising texture gives an outstanding feel to it, and raise your standards of ornamentation to a whole new level, as it all depends on how creative you are, and how good you are in demonstrating it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A pack contains three orbs at a price your wallet will love
  • These are light-weight yet with maximum durability
  • A great gift idea.

3. Ling’s Moment Artificial Flowers

Ling's flowers
Our third product on the list is, a combo pack of different types of flowers and different colors as a theme because, who doesn’t like flowers and floral arrangements?

Each artificial flower is with a stem which is about eight inches long, which means they’re perfect for making nine to ten inches bouquets as well.

And these flowers have flexible long wire stems, which is a plus point for any DIY creativity too.

There are several varieties available for choices, from Marsala Avalanche Roses to Dusty Roses, and each color represents a different vibe.

The filler flower are handmade, which assures an irresistible quality, making its looks so real, you can barely differentiate. 

You can use these sets of flowers for centerpiece vase fillers, bouquets and wedding decorations, table decorations and other occasions, making various accessories by adding a few beads, etc. 

The flowers enhance the occasion’s feel, making it feel more comfortable and in all those flowers, roses grab the most attention.

Since they’re artificial flower, you don’t have to worry about them rotting down or losing their freshness or moss growth after a while, and because of the realistic glimpse, it can replace real floral décor at most of the events.

Pros & Benefits:

  • These are artificial, which means it can last longer
  • It has a long flexible stem which can be pretty handy for DIYs
  • The package contains five avalanche roses, four regular roses, four high-centered roses, two blooming peonies, three poppy flowers some dusty blue leaves, and other vase filler greenery

4. EAMBRITE 30” Brown Wrapped Lighted Twig Stake

EAMBRITE twig stake
EAMBRITE is the best in crafting unique designs and they have a team of skilled Christmas light experts, who maintain the manufacturing of a product, to an outstanding high quality. 

It comes with an adaptor with low voltage power, for energy efficiency, which is completely safe and secure.

You can use it as an indoor light décor, where the kitchen, living room, bedroom, kids room, dining table, porch, and balcony, are just a few of the many options available, but basically, it all requires a good amount of creativity to have fun with.

These can be used as outdoor light décor as well, where the garden, lawn, park, yard, and entryway, are the most suitable places, hence their build quality is quite durable to last long enough.

They also come with three ground stakes, each for a twig that gives it a plus point, and more sturdiness.

The branches of these twigs are bendable, which gives an upper hand to reshape it, in any way which satisfies your mood.

Use it as a replacement, to the small trees and bushes for outdoors at the entryway because it provides the feature of ground stakes, that hold the twigs stationary on their places.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • These vase filler lights come with 3 pieces of twigs
  • Three ground stakes included
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs

5. MISSWARM Orchid Dancing Lady Butterfly Artificial Flowers

MISSWARM orchids
MISSWARM offers very realistic artificial orchid dancing lady butterfly flowers, for a perfect price, in comparison to the high quality.

Want to give something special, eye-catching, and pleasant to someone really special? Why not try creating your dancing lady orchids, by arranging any one shade or all those available.

Their smooth and warm color, make it an excellent choice to be used in a centerpiece as vase fillers, to brighten up any dark corners or to create a dynamic wedding table display.  They will be best suited with a solid white vase.

All of these vase fillers are handcrafted, as the quality of this product is great and trustable, with each pack containing ten flowers in a shade of green color stem, 37.7 inches long.

It contains more colors i.e. white, blue, red, yellow, and purple to choose from, with completely different looks and feel to it.

These flowers can also be used to make various hair accessories, bouquets, etc.

We all adore orchids, well here are these real like flowers that don’t require any maintenance, just purchase and apply, is all you have to do.

The long height gives more possibility, of exploring various other options to try from and have fun with it. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • These vase fillers are of 37.7″ height 
  • Different colors available, including white
  • 1 pack contains 10 flower stem

6. Homemory Flameless Floating Candles

Homemory candles
Homemory presents a great centerpiece perfect for tables, unique flameless tea lights, looks interesting, isn’t it? Well, it’s a great execution and best seller in the market.

These tealights float on water because they’re waterproof, so it lights up when hit the water and turns off when taken out. 

Very simple installation and the way it’s been made makes it look vividly as the real candle, with LED flicker light that gives a feel of the real flame whereas there’s no fire hazard and is smokeless as well hence which ensures that it’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

How to use these floating candles as centerpieces? Well, long stem candle holders, glass crystal bowls, wine glass, wide-mouth mason jar, glass cylinder vases are few ideal options of many for a perfect centerpiece that goes well with almost every occasion and theme of party/wedding décor.

With an outclass quality, and price of almost in twenty dollars makes it a bargain not to miss, which comes in a pack of six high-quality candles.

It’s reusable because of it’s built quality and each candle includes one battery that provides long-lasting work life.

These are small but quite impactful because of the idea that makes it a completely exceptional and one of a kind.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Different LED lights are available
  • Lasting 100 hours
  • Including 6 candles and 6 batteries

7. HANTAJANSS Baby Breath Gypsophila Artificial Flowers

Best of all leagues, HANTAJANSS baby breath gypsophila white artificial flowers, offer a perfect amount of flowers for your centerpiece vase fillers, for a price under fifteen dollars.

It’s precisely handcrafted, using non-toxic plastic for eco-friendly products, and is being made to that single detail, which gives it an absolute premium feel.

The pack contains twelve pieces of flowers and instruction to use them as vase filler as well, which are the best offer in comparison to other products in the market (the vases are not included).

Another great feature they offer is a bendable stem, which allows them to resize it, for either small vases or large respectively.

There are more uses to it apart from being centerpiece vase fillers, as it can be used as hair accessories, or even in offices, shops, or as a bouquet too.

They do offer more color variety and each of them defines a completely different mood/impression at the occasions and events like parties and wedding, hence these colors can be mixed and explored on. 

These decent-looking flowers not only make your decoration game strong, their warm and pleasant colors give a relaxing environment, making you feel calm throughout your day.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Bendable stem
  • 1 set of 12 pieces
  • Multi-purpose availability


8. LIIDA LED String Moon Lights

LIIDA lights
More light, brighter, LIIDA LED string moonlights are twenty mini individual rice lights, with a thin silver wire to illuminate any dark corner, as the wire is quite flexible, which provides an upper hand to use it in various ways.

A heavenly look can be created by using these lights as vase fillers in a transparent vase, add a few beads and you’re done!

It can be used to decorate for different occasions, where you can shape it around signs, furniture, trees, and plants, etc, and its heat isolation makes a wire completely safe and secure, providing much longer life, in comparison to other similar fairy lights in the market.

The LED copper wire fairy light is waterproof except for the battery box, and with this additional feature comes more possibility of experimenting, with the underwater atmospheric effect or firefly light for outdoors.

You can use it for Christmas or wedding décor, and parties as well, because of its small battery box, which is so easy to hide 

One pack consists of ten LED fairy lights for under twelve dollars, which is an exceptional price for such a great product.

Without light, we cannot see, and everywhere seems untouchable, but changing intensities of light, affect the overall design, and produces color. 

That’s how a simple light plays such an important role in decoration, where direct or spotlighting produces bright, intense light while candlelight and dimmers, create a softer light with a yellowish cast.

Pros & Benefits:

  • IP68 waterproof
  • 10 LED light wires
  • Flexible and durable 
  • 20 LED micro bulbs on every wire

9. DomeStar Wicker Rattan Balls

Domestar balls
Looking for affordable fillers like orbs or balls for your vase, bowl, etc to form a master centerpiece vase fillers?

Well, here it is, the DomeStar’s wicker rattan balls, that are small, environment friendly, and quite one of a kind in the market.

These wicker rattan balls are a fair deal for under twelve dollars, a quick and effective change that won’t cost much, plus provide you a lot for that amount of cost

It consists of four more colors, and each one has a variety of shades in it to choose from, hence it suits pretty much every theme, and helps in enhancing the look.

One set of vase fillers consists of twenty-four balls, with different shades of a particular color.

A premium handmade high quality, made of the finest rattan wood, dyed and woven by professional artisans, well-polished, durable, lightweight, and compact.

If you’re wondering how to use it creatively, you could store it in any transparent vase as vase filler, glass bowl or hang it with fairy lights, or experiment with it, to find a more creative way to use it, because it suits every event.

One package delivers enough wicker rattan balls, that can be utilized in more than one vase, or if not vases, it can be used for several other uses as well, like a toy for your pet. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 24 Balls per set
  • Lightweight
  • Environment friendly

10. OUTUXED Clear Acrylic Diamond Crystals

OUTUXED crystals
If you have an empty transparent vase or bowl and don’t wanna buy balls to experiment with, and need some filler that is affordable/different, then we present OUTUXED clear acrylic diamond crystals.

You’ll get almost 1000 small beautiful crystal vase fillers under ten dollars, with a large velvet pouch too, now this is what we call an offer.

Add a few colored beads to the vessel and your unique centerpiece is ready to be flaunted.

These filler crystals have the appearance of high-quality luxury real diamonds, and these are not limited only to centerpiece vase fillers or decorations but can be used in pretty much any way, from making accessories and using it as an ornament, to spreading it on the wedding table for a unique design and look.

Use it on gifts, in photography, hair accessories, and vases with fairy lights, for a mind-blowing look and these gems give additional shine and premium look, to a particular moment. 

These aren’t real gems but look real, like ornaments.

There are few more shades of colors available, excluding this clear white crystal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Almost 1000 gems with a large velvet bag
  • Very realistic
  • Multi-Purpose usability

Choosing The Best Option That Works For You

After going through all the best options we provided, we’re still here to help you a little bit more to shop for the perfect vase fillers, by choosing the best that works for you.

Well, if you are too obsessed with floral arrangements and love flowers as fillers, you should go with the ‘Ling’s Moment Artificial flower’ only if the price is not the problem, otherwise, ‘HANTAJANSS Baby Breath Artificial Flowers’ will do.

‘LIIDA LED Fairy lights’ are a must, because it can be used with pretty much every other product listed above, and lights are just too good at enhancing beauty.

For those interested in experimenting with things, you can use ‘DomeStar Wicker Rattan Balls’ with a combo of the LED fairy lights mentioned above.

Pay a little more and get better-textured vase filler orbs by ‘Creative Scents Schonwerk Walnut Decorative Orbs’, which is significantly larger in diameter, than those of ‘Wicker Rattan Balls’ other than, that it offers identical features.

For our candle lovers, ‘Homemory Flameless Floating Candles’ got you covered, because of it’s compact design and flameless feature, it will upgrade your décor game to the top.

Talking about candles, few find it odd to use an alternative to candles, for them, we got our best ‘Creative Scents candle holder’, which blends in any theme and makes a powerful impact of exoticness.

Are you DIY obsessed?

Then almost every product we mentioned above can be used in any DIY you are planning to explore upon, but some products suit this DIY category more, in which the first object we would suggest is ‘OUTUXED Clear Acrylic Diamond Crystals’.

These crystals can be used on pretty much everything, from personal use such as gifts, flowers, and toys, to professional use such as at wedding table settings, photography, etc.

You can use ‘DomeStar Wicker Rattan Balls’ as well, cause they are light in weight and environment friendly.

Search, sort, filter and shop for the centerpiece vase fillers that meet your requirements. Many sellers and brands offer great deals and free shipping on eligible orders, with delivery to any location or countries, including United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

Arranging décor doesn’t only make your place look attractive but it says a lot about your personality, interest, and mood as well.

Go creative and have fun decorating your place, with your friends or family, and explore the creativity of you and others. 

We provide the best of the best products, varying in prices too but the quality is our main priority, which narrows our list to these ten great centerpiece fillers, each promising in their league! 

The product listed above suits almost every type of occasion, personality, preference, or situation you are in.

Shop for the one that is perfect for your tastes and requirements, check out the customer ratings and reviews before making final decision.

If you go see any product better than what we listed and reviewed in this article, do let us know, as we’ll love to hear from you, in the comments section below.

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