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10 Best Antique Blue Glass Vases & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Imagine having antique blue glass vases that stand out from all your other decorations.

The color blue like the color of the sky is something that we can all agree has a calming effect and is loved by everyone.

Antique and vintage glass vases add a unique type of elegance to your office, home, or restaurant.

There are many different vintage vases made from different materials that you can easily purchase from any part of the world today.

Some are designed so beautifully that even without putting any flowers in them, they still stand out and are very eye-catching.

To make it even more attractive, add a bouquet of live flowers or dried botanicals and it becomes quite a beauty.

This article contains ten of the most beautiful antique blue glass vase you can choose from to use as home decor.

Table of Contents

1. Floral Supply Online 8″ Cobalt Blue Gathering Vase

8" Cobalt Blue Gathering Vase
This carefully crafted blue glass vase is suitable for use, almost anywhere.

Floral Supply Online is a trusted brand name, owned by an American company, well known for its high-quality glass products.

This blue vase is 8 inches tall, with a wide opening that is 4.65 inches.

Its wide opening makes it suitable, for holding flowers and bouquets.

It tapers to 3.41 inches before reaching the bottom which is 5 inches, making toppling it over a bit difficult, especially for any pet at home.

It’s popular for home and office decoration, professional events, weddings, happy anniversary events, and birthday parties.

If you are looking for a special gift to give to a friend, then this art product is the one that no one can ever turn down or claim it lacks beauty.

You may be attracted to live flowers but the vase you have is not spacious enough, to accommodate them.

This product is spacious enough for a few ounces of water and can hold from six to twelve live flowers, that have a long and thin stem.

Most people who own this flower vase have given positive feedback to the manufacturers on how good it looks.

Some claim that anytime they have visitors, someone always asks how they can acquire one of their own.

This question mainly goes to waiters working in elegant hotels, who have placed this vase in a position for customers to lay their eyes on easily.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is made of high-quality glass
  • Ideal water reservoir
  • Wide opening

2. Time Concept Valencia 100% Recycled Glass Jar

Valencia 100% Recycled Glass Jar
This handcrafted blue color flower vase is made by expert artisans from Time Concept in Valencia, Spain using 100% recycled glass.

They follow the Kyoto protocol which limits greenhouse gasses by putting the earth and environment first.

It has a modern style that easily stands out in your home or event.

The fact that it’s handcrafted makes each have its unique size and thickness giving you an authentic appearance.

This product is not made in the same accurate size, but the dimensions are roughly 3.54*3.54*6.3 inches.

It’s a product that is highly rated by customers due to its exquisite and elegant look.

You can have several of these blue jars in your home or for a special event to achieve an outstanding look.

This blue vase serves several additional purposes, not just as a glass vase.

It can be used to hold fresh flowers, as a candle holder, or for just holding and displaying little accessories.

These glass items look dazzling with a few flowers and can be used as table centerpieces at a wedding, birthday party, or for a dining area. 

Buyers of these items before confirm that they are of high quality and recommended putting them near a window where sunlight can pass through them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of 100% recycled glass
  • Carefully handcrafted
  • Available in different designs and colors

3. Torre & Tagus Andrea Swirl Glass Short Bulb

Andrea Swirl Glass Short Bulb
This product has color and texture swirls through its glass which adds a gallery-inspired look.

‘Torre and Tagus’ was founded in 1993 and specializes in some of the best home decors and accessories used all around the world.

When you purchase three of them and group them, you maximize their beauty impact.  

This item is also available in amber color.

It’s a suitable centerpiece for use at wedding parties making the event tables stand out.

It measures 8 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep by 10.75 inches high and weighs approximately 4.2 pounds.

Due to the unique color and texture swirls, this blue glass vase can look stunning and exquisite adding glamour wherever it’s placed.

These are more efficient as a group of three which is the way it is frequently purchased.

Each of the three has a different pattern, but you have the option of buying one if that is your choice.

The manufacturers advise washing it with warm water and soap to ensure the glass lasts longer.

These glass items are stylish handmade products that is highly rated by all its buyers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful colorful swirls
  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Perfect even without the additional flower settings

4. Mottenfalle Barski Glass Handmade Barrel Vase

Barski Glass Handmade Barrel Vase
This elegant blue color product is exquisite when placed near a window to capture sunlight.

It’s of premium quality having been made from non-leaded crystal.

It adds a lot of elegance wherever it is placed, be it your dining area, in a hotel, or at an event.

It’s capable of standing out and leaving people with a “wow” in their mouths.

This blue color item of art can also be placed on a bookshelf or a table in your study, along with the vintage books, movies, music, etc.

It has dimensions 5.75*5.75*8 inches making it the perfect size to hold maybe one or two beautiful flowers.

It’s manufactured exclusively in Europe.

This blue glass vase has superb quality since it is handmade blown glass.

These items of beauty are manufactured in different sizes giving you three sizes to choose from according to how you want to use it and where you want to place it.

It’s available in ten and twelve inches height.

Its cobalt blue glass material makes it quite heavy making it difficult to topple over.

This is important if you have a cat in the house that is likely to hit it accidentally in its movement.

It has a round opening with a diameter of 3 inches and a bottom diameter of 2.75 inches.

It is one of the best Barski products that are highly in demand due to its rich and compelling blue color.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has thick walls
  • Available in 10 and 12 inches
  • Heavy and sturdy piece of art

5. Accent Plus Ocean Blue Spiral Art Glass Vase 

Ocean Blue Spiral Art Glass Vase 
This product is a great item that is made in China by Accent Plus manufacturers.

It has a beautiful spiral pattern built to last when well taken care of.

Accent Plus advises cleaning by wiping it using a cloth with warm soapy water to avoid breakage.

It has a translucent blue color which is naturally beautiful and attractive.

If you love going out to the ocean or sea, this blue vase will remind you of the waves splashing and sea fresh air.

It can make you feel like you are basking in the sun, on a sandy beach just next to the blue ocean.

Its spiraling work of art makes it unique for a home decorative piece.

It is a beautiful gift to give someone for events like weddings or happy anniversaries.

It weighs 7.05 pounds making it strong and a bit hard to topple over easily.

It’s also quite big and measures 20.4*23.8*22.1 inches which is a perfect size for flowers with long stems.

Fill this with a small bouquet that can be live or botanical to make its impact more exquisite.

This item is suitable for use in restaurants that mainly hosts couples.

It’s always amazing, the impact it brings when placed on a couple’s table with one or two flowers placed in it.

It’s also capable of holding some water if you want to use it with live flowers.

It is a beautiful product that most people admire and wish to own if they don’t already own one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a unique spiral design of art
  • Great gift item
  • Color of the blue ocean

6. Ballerina Hand Blown Blue Flower Vase

Hand Blown Blue Flower Vase
This product is made of high quality creative blue glass.

It’s hand-blown with a modern European black ribbon, which gives a painted effect, makes it look outstanding in your interior.

It is designed by a team that has rich design experience for many years.

Try getting this for your mother on Mother’s Day and see how happy it makes her.

It’s very wonderful for a friend’s wedding or any celebration since the packaging for delivery is in an individual carton box that you are not required to wrap.

It blends in well with a flower arrangement for your home, office, or event.

It has a maximum diameter of 7.28 inches and a small round opening of 1.38 inches.

This product weighs 4.74 pounds and has a size of 6.3*1.57*9.84 inches.

The name Ballerina represents a brand that represents the love story of ballet dancers whose gorgeous ballet art expresses pure, innocent love.

You may see a few air bubbles within the glass and this is a symbol that distinguishes them and confirm that they are handmade.

This vase is made by special craftsmen through various steps for its perfection.

If one of your hobbies is art decor vase collectibles, this is an attractive and high-value vase with vintage feel, and is worth adding to your collection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stands out with a black ribbon
  • Packaged like a gift during delivery
  • Rich design by experts

7. Torre & Tagus Mini Lustre Vases Assorted

Mini Lustre Vases Assorted
This handcrafted glassware made in China consists of a set of three small glasses.

The name “Mini Lustre” simply means that they are quite small and occupy small spaces.

They can be placed in the bedroom probably near a window because when light passes through them, they give out a reflective glow, which is a mesmerizing view.

They are best used without flowers, just for decoration but can also hold small-sized flowers.

You can choose to display them either singly or in a grouping, by placing them close together or at a distance, but either way, they are all simply elegant.

The three vases all have a different height and width.

The first blue one measures 4.75 by 2.75 inches which is short and cannot hold flowers with long stems but can be used for accessories such as pens on your office desk.

The other one measures 3.75* by 4.25 inches which is the average size among the three.

This one can serve several purposes as it can hold a few flowers, botanical, or live because it is capable of holding a few ounces of water.

The third vase is size 3.75*5.25 inches and is very suitable for holding different types of flowers due to its height.

Since these are handcrafted items, no two can ever be identical.

And no, this items of beauty do not cost a bomb; the amount that you have to pay to own this is very reasonable!

It is one of the most purchased products globally manufactured by Torre & Tagus and apart from them being smaller than most people expect, they are stunning.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A set of three pieces
  • Reflect light to a glow
  • Occupy small spaces

8. Zings & Thingz True Blue Glass Vase

True Blue Glass Vase
This blue vase has a dramatic and stunning bottleneck that makes it amazing to lay eyes on.

To add to its beauty, it has a small clear glass base that features a mixture of some exquisite colors.

It’s a product manufactured by Zings and Thingz based in China.

Shop for this items of beauty from online stores like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc. and imported to your specified destination worldwide, whether its the United States or the United Kingdoms or Australia; you might have to pay a bit extra in terms of duties and taxes.

This product has a size 13*6*6 inches making it quite big and capable of holding lengthy flowers.

It’s also capable of accommodating some water if you are into live flowers.

This blue color beauty is made of thick glass which makes it 9.8 pounds.

This piece of art is the bottom-heavy type of vase that will not be easy to topple over due to that weight.

The small opening on top makes it a bit difficult to hold a big bouquet, but it looks elegant holding just a few stems.

This vase looks elegant as a centerpiece in your dining room or at an event such as a wedding or birthday party.

The small clear base with its mixture of colors is a stunning view when light passes through this glass.

This blue glass vase with clear bottom is best suited for open-air restaurants where there is plenty of light near a window.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A unique clear glass base
  • Stunning bottleneck
  • Made of thick glass

9. Couronne Trivo 3 Recycled Glass Vases & Metal Stand

3 Recycled Glass Vases and Metal Stand
This triple ball vases are beautiful and have their metal stand design.

They are small in size and don’t occupy plenty of space.

They are purchased as three since the metal stand is built to hold all three of them.

The blue color art pieces are removable which makes cleaning and arranging of flowers easier.

The manufacturer, Couronne Company, advises purchasers to use their hands only for cleaning strictly.

A dishwasher is likely to break them or make them look less attractive by scrubbing off the baked lead-free paint.

If you are a person who cares for the environment, then these art pieces are the ones for you.

They are eco-friendly as they are made using recycled glass and the metal stand from recycled metal.

The metal is powder-coated which provides a stronger and long-lasting product.

This glass can be recycled endlessly and this can help protect the environment for future generations.

Each of these measures 2.5*9.5*3.75 inches and is capable of holding different types of flowers.

This product is also a suitable gift since it is offered in a decorative, well-wrapped gift box.

You can buy it and have it delivered to the person you intend on gifting anywhere in the world without having to do the wrapping yourself.

These items are versatile and capable of blending in with many decor styles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Have a metal stand
  • Offered in a decorative gift box
  • Triple vase design

10. The Modern Decors 4 Inches Tall Square Clear Glass Vase

4 Inches Tall Square Clear Glass Vase
This table cube blue vase measures 4 cube inches and is sold as a single unit.

It is a perfect sized item for your home decoration.

It’s beautiful and will add elegance to your office, home, and celebratory events like weddings and birthdays.

It always presents a natural look when you add some floral arrangements.

Leave the flowers, you can also use it as a pen holder in your office or just place a few flowers to add a glow to your office desk.

At your home, you can place a few of these vases on your tables, bookshelves, window sills, or fireplace mantel and they will bring nothing but charm to your room.

You may choose fresh, dried, or artificial flowers and these small ones will blend in with whatever you want.

This vase will also look elegant with other decorative materials such as artificial leaves, craw cotton, or wheat.

If you are having a hard time deciding what gift to get your friend, this also works well as a simple gift.

It is not advisable to wash this vase by scrubbing it or in a dishwasher.

Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and it will be as good as new.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A perfect holder for both flowers and other materials
  • Small size and light
  • Unique cubical shape

Choosing The Best Glass Vase For Your Flowers

There are different types of vases from tall cylinder ones, narrow-necked, square glass, etc.

It is sometimes difficult to choose the best vase for flowers you may have bought received as a gift or picked from your garden.

This step comes after you have determined the size of the vase you plan to use.

The size of the opening of the vase should be your starting point considering how big or small a bunch of flowers are.

A big bouquet will require a vase with a wide opening compared to a small bouquet where you can use one with a wide or small opening.

If you are using live flowers, the vase you select should be capable of holding some amount of water to sustain the flowers for some time.

Flowers with long stems deserve to be put in tall, cylinder glass vases.

It doesn’t matter if the vase has a narrow neck, the flower should be able to have enough space in the vase.

Some flowers with short stems or whose stems can be cut, yet the flower still looks amazing, require small glass vases.

These are mainly short rectangular glass vases, fish bowl glass vases, or a small square tank glass vase.

Fishbowl glass are mainly made small in size, but rectangular and square vases can differ.

Rectangular and square vases are not easy to fill. 

They require bulky flowers that don’t open too widely.

Some are capable of holding flowers with long stems having been made long and vice versa.

Your final consideration should be the color.

You can go for your favorite color or just simply pick a sky or ocean blue color that looks elegant with any flower.

Final Thoughts

Glass vases add an exquisite look to your events, office, or home decor.

They may be fragile when it comes to taking care of them, but they are so beautiful and admirable.

When placed in the right spot, glass vases add glamour and make dull places look alive.

When paired with the right bouquet or floral arrangement, blue glass vases can turn a frown into a smile and leave some mouths agape.

These vases tend to make any flower look outstanding.

We hope you found this list of antique blue glass vases useful.

Feel free to share your suggestions and comments in the section below.

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