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10 Best Wooden Name Signs & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Custom wooden name signs are an important part of improving the presence and ambiance of any living or working space.

You may be wondering why specifically a wooden sign? 

The answer to your question is quite simple, wooden signs help create a warm and welcoming feeling in any type of living space, with the additional benefit of being extremely elegant looking, and relatively eye-catching.

Just imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they unwrap their beautiful wooden sign which could contain anything from their name, nickname, an inspirational quote, a positive phrase, to just about anything else you wish in the most beautiful design and font they’ve ever seen.

A wooden sign surely makes for a great souvenir and gift and looks several times better than the regular, outworn gift items such as a sweater or a necklace.

There are tons of customized wooden name signs out there, with different types of wood, finishing, size options, styles, etc. 

Here we’ve attempted to make life a little easier for you by compiling this list of the top 10 best custom wooden signs in order of their ratings and reviews by verified customers that you should consider, and we know it will help you when making a purchase.

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10 Best Wooden Name Signs Reviewed

Let’s dive in and find the best wooden name sign for you.

1. Personalized Custom Made Solid Pine Wood Rustic Home Sign by ADV PRO

Custom Made Solid Pine Wood Rustic Home Sign
Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, neighbor, or even a colleague? 

Why not give them an ADV PRO custom-made, personalized, one-of-a-kind wooden sign that will match almost any occasion from a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or even a corporate achievement?

These custom wooden masterpieces are exclusively handcrafted by a group of extremely skilled carpenters and woodworkers that follow your instructions and design right down to the minor details to give you a finished end product that well exceeds your expectations.

Each sign is made using the finest 2 tone finisher on a solid pine wooden surface and topped off with a premium quality surface sealant to protect it from the harsh elements whether it is placed indoors or outdoors.

It’ll definitely improve the decor of any room it’s placed in.

These custom wooden name signs are made from completely natural materials such as solid pinewood of the greatest quality which gives each sign a unique wood grain, knot design, as well as texture.

You can quite literally ‘save the date’ by ordering a sign with your preferred custom wooden text, which could be anything from names, places, or special dates of your lives, in your custom wooden designs, fonts, and styles.

These custom wooden name signs are particularly easy and simple to install all thanks to the nifty saw-tooth hanger which is attached on the backside of each sign.

Customers who purchased this wooden sign thought of it to be a great gift idea and also believed that it had great value for money.

This name sign is also fitting for a welcome sign.

With the help of these birch wood signs, you can give a warm and welcoming presence to any indoor or outdoor space of your choice, along with giving it an elegant yet comfortable vibe. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great attention to detail and design
  • The material is lightweight yet sturdy enough
  • A perfect and memorable gift for a loved one

2. Unfinished Wooden Letter Cutouts (Paint Ready) by Gocutouts

Wooden Letter Cutouts (Paint Ready) by GocutoutsThis letter cutout product with the option to choose your font will surely bring out the creative mind in you.

‘Gocutouts’ simply provides wooden cutouts of separate letters and symbols rather than a one-piece sign with a single, permanent design.

The cutouts of these letters stand at a height of 12 inches and are made of a premium lightweight baltic birch plywood which is about a quarter-inch in thickness and is polished and ready to be painted right out of the box.

This painted sign is a fun DIY project on its own as buyers have unlimited possibilities with the letters they choose as well as the design and font of the letters. 

You can paint, polish, mix and match, color, or even leave the letters in their natural look according to your existing decor to ensure the wooden sign doesn’t look out of place. 

You also have the option to choose from 1000+ different designs (more added daily), characters, symbols, styles, font, and shapes of letters cutouts, and rearrange them as you see fit. 

These lightweight custom wooden letter name signs can stand on their own which makes them perfect and easy to place on shelves, hang on walls, or put just about anywhere else you can think of, the sky’s the limit!

Customers found this letter birch wood product especially convenient in terms of size and storage capabilities as the letters are separate and take up less space in case you need to travel with or ship them.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Product customization on another level
  • Made of lightweight yet sturdy material
  • Incredibly easy to set up or hang anywhere you like
  • Rearrange your letters to say anything you want
  • Beautiful finishing when painted

3. Arrow Word Wooden Name Sign by Woodums

Arrow Word Wooden Name Sign by Woodums
This beautifully designed wooden name sign is brought to you by a husband and wife partnership in which both partners are passionate about DIY projects, designing, and creativity.

Woodmus specializes in DIY projects that don’t require too much money or heavy tools and will surely create the dynamic look and feel you are going for.

Each sign is made out of premium quality birch plywood that is lightweight yet durable and is also laser cut for extreme precision. 

The font of the letters that make up the sign is also beautiful as well.

Each sign also has rustic, charred edges for a more authentic and warm feeling, with a varying color and grain pattern due to differences in the wood that is used. 

This painted sign is primarily made for indoor use, however, it can be placed outdoors provided it is sealed with paint or any sealer.

On business days, this is a great painted sign to walk in on at the office.

When placed indoors it can be used in any room in the house, for example, the dining room or living room.

This lightweight wooden sign is just barely over 0.7 pounds which makes it perfect for a wide range of surfaces including walls, shelves, room doors, fences, or even for gates as a welcome sign with its beautiful font design.

Customers found this birch wood product incredibly beautiful to look at while being very durable, which is exactly how it is advertised.

This wooden name sign is very easy to paint, as it comes ready out the package and simply requires a top coating or a sealer to maintain a ‘just like new’ feeling. 

When painted, the letters plus the font used and the name, in general, have a nice look.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Rustic edges give it a more warm and earthy look
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy to paint over and decorate letters

4. Personalized Engraved Wooden Name Sign by ADV PRO

Personalized Engraved Wooden Name Sign by ADV PRO
These name signs promise a unique and beautiful addition to your bedroom, garage, patio, business meeting room, or even your man cave!

The use of 3D lettering and images gives the sign a pop-up look and is sure to grab the attention of anyone that happens to catch a glimpse of it, especially with the font it has.

Each customized wooden name sign will have a unique pattern on it depending on the wood and font of letters that are used, which will give it a sense of originality and highlight the natural beauty and characteristics of the wood.

The best part about these custom wooden name signs is that each one is exclusively handmade by skilled carpenters and from premium pine wood which undoubtedly results in a gorgeous end product.

The wooden name letters sign is protected with a sealant that allows for both indoor and outdoor placement but will need extra protection in case of harsh weather conditions to retain its original beauty and polish.

Customers especially liked this custom wooden product since it had a way more expensive and premium look than it even costs which makes it a great gift for a loved one as well.

These custom wooden name signs are really easy to hang up especially with a sawtooth hanger at the back.

They make for a great welcome sign.

The use of a two-tone stain finish on the custom wooden name lettering makes them stand out from the rest of the name signs. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Use of 3D lettering and images
  • Premium and expensive look and feel
  • Easy to paint over and decorate
  • Sealant applied to maintain finish with both indoor and outdoor use

5. Custom Name Nursery Wooden Sign Decor by Soficlock

Nursery Wooden Sign Decor by Soficlock
This particular custom wooden name sign is suitable for a wide range of purposes from a small souvenir or memento to a large family name sign or even to put in your children’s room above their bed.

This is mainly due to the availability of this sign in sizes ranging anywhere between 8 and 60 inches wide, making it suitable for a small door or a large wall.

These custom wooden name signs are laser-cut wooden cutouts of whatever text or image you may choose to order.

There is an impressive selection of different fonts for each letter of the name sign.

Styles, shapes, and font designs to choose for your sign, the only limit is your creativity!

Each name sign is made from a quarter-inch thick panel of supreme quality plywood with a coat of sealant to give it extra protection against the elements as well as an extra-fine finish.

You can also easily paint over the name signs to customize them and help them to better match the decor of your desired space. 

When painted, they have a beautiful finishing still.

Customers especially liked this product due to the fine quality of the wood and the finishing of the cutting and edges as well as the font used for the lettering.

This particular seller provides the option of their international express shipping and guarantees a refund in case of loss or damaged goods.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Wide range of sizes to meet any occasion
  • Different fonts, styles, and designs
  • Shipping warranty and guaranteed refund policy by the seller

6. Custom Wooden Family Name Sign Split Letter

Custom Wooden Family Name Sign Split Letter
These elegant and beautiful custom wooden signs stand apart from the crowd mainly due to the exquisite floral design work and large initial monogram.

They are laser cut to precision in a high-caliber production facility and are placed in production on the very same day the customer places the order for it.

Each sign is made from the highest quality wood with a thickness of 3mm which is quite thin making this sign, perfect for hanging on doors or walls.

The custom wooden signs are about 12 inches in height and length and come with an option of a light or dark shade of wood according to your preferences.

Customers admired the superior woodwork and finishing on the signs and found it perfect for gifting purposes as well. 

The wooden custom signs are very easy to hang up and they also come ready with holes on the sides if you want to use a string or chain.

This product was given overall positive reviews because it delivers exactly what it promised and the craftsmanship and quality are quite noticeable.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Gorgeous floral and aesthetic designs to choose from
  • Light and dark wood have their separate look and feel
  • High quality, modern laser cutting with sealant finish for protection

7. Rustic Vintage Distressed Wooden Words Sign

Rustic Vintage Distressed Wooden Words Sign
Looking to add a vintage or rustic touch to your living or workspace? 

This distressed custom wooden name sign is exactly what you need and is perfect to display on any shelf, business desk, tabletop, mantle, or wall. 

The rustic design of this sign blends perfectly with almost any earthy, warm, vintage, or even modern decor setting and brings it to life with 3D lettering. 

It’s the perfect gift for a new couple, your child, your parents, friends, relatives, neighbors, or even acquaintances. 

It is also perfect to use as a great welcome sign in front of your home or room.

Each custom wooden sign is specially handcrafted and polished to give a clean and lasting finish with no rough or chipped edges.

All signs are carefully treated with a special surface protection coating that helps to create and maintain their beautiful look and polish throughout the years and to protect it from the elements in almost any weather condition in the case of outdoor placement.

The signs come in brown and black wood and are easily attachable to any wall or door using nails or two-sided tape, although customers felt it looked the best standing on its own on any shelf or table. 

The custom wooden letters are an inch thick, standing at a height of 4 inches and a length of 12 inches.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Specially treated surface for extra protection and preservation
  • The wooden custom design can stand on its own as well as having the option to hang it on a wall
  • Premium quality and durable wood used
  • Completely handmade and polished to ensure a smooth finish

8. Personalized Custom Heart Shaped Infinity Symbol Wall and Door Hanging Sign

Heart Shaped Infinity Symbol Wall and Door Hanging Sign
This particular sign is especially beautiful thanks to the heart and infinity design that surrounds your name giving it a unique and elegant touch.

You have the option of getting just the sign on its own as well as your custom writing in a wide selection of font options and sizes.

So you can get your sign in whatever font you desire.

Looking for something bigger? 

Each sign is about a quarter of an inch thick and laser cut to precision and is also coated with a sealant finish to keep it looking fresh and new over a great number of years.

This particular seller welcomes fully customized orders in which you decide the size, color, shape, and design you want for your sign. 

The sign comes in two preset sizes at 26 by 30 cm and 36 by 41 cm and also comes out the box with two holes at each corner to hang it anywhere you like.

The unique thing about this sign is that you have the option of light and dark wood, along with the option of different materials such as acrylic and metal with incredible color options to choose from in both materials. 

Customers felt that this product delivers high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail and design while delivering on all its other promises in the product description. 

This product also received several positive reviews thanks to its fast delivery time and solid, protective packaging.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Different options of materials and colors to choose from
  • Supreme quality craftsmanship and smooth finish
  • Fully customized orders are accepted if you require a special size, design, or font
  • Fast production and delivery time

9. Wooden Door Sign & Handcrafted Plaque with Brass Perimeters by Nagina International

Brass Perimeters by Nagina International
This Nautical custom wooden name sign is handcrafted and sort of follows a plaque-like design which makes it a perfect home decor product that will breathe some life into your living space.

Each sign is made from premium quality hardwood that has been buffed and polished and beautifully crafted with brass letters embossed in great font and the highest quality of nautical brass and wood finish.

The embossed shiny solid brass letters and frames have both been surface treated and coated with a sleek finish of lacquer to seal and keep it safe particularly from air and water, which makes this sign resistant to rust and other water-related damage.

The beautiful craftsmanship is evident and is sure to give you your money’s worth if you’re going for elegance, simplicity, and quality of the product.

Each name sign comes complete with two screws to fit in the two holes on either side of them and also has the additional option of wall plugs in case you want to easily attach them to anything from a door to any wall you see fit.

These signs are from the smaller category with each sign measuring about 8 inches wide, 2.2 inches tall, about half an inch thick, and weighing a little over 100 grams only!

Customers particularly admired the craftsmanship and fine finishing on this sign and also appreciated the small size which was exactly what most customers wanted.

The seller of this sign is focused totally on quality and satisfaction and does not only allow for an easy return policy but quite literally encourages you to return it if in case you feel that you aren’t fully satisfied with the product you have received. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Elegant and beautiful wood and brass detailing and finish
  • Surface treatment and coated for protection against the harsh elements
  • Embossed with brass lettering to make it stand out and give it a sophisticated look and feel
  • Easily attachable to any wall/door as the necessary attachments are included with the sign

10. Established Rustic Wood Family Sign Last Name Sign by PotteLove

Rustic Wood Family Sign Last Name Sign by PotteLove
This sign simply screams elegance with its fine wood finish, beautiful white lettering, and gorgeous design work.

This sign fits a wide range of purposes and is hence perfect as a small gift for a new couple, your parents, child, loved one, etc.

It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use and is coated with a sealant to protect it from harsh weather conditions and temperatures.

For indoor use, this name sign can be placed on the coffee table or hanged in any room in the house.

Each sign includes a solid hardwood plank with the text and font design of your choosing with meticulous finishing along and a strong jute rope to use for hanging it just about anywhere. 

This beautiful sign is about 5.5 inches tall and 24 inches wide and weighs just a little over 5 pounds.

Customers found this product to be an excellent wedding or anniversary present due to the expensive look and feel it has while not putting that much of a dent in your wallet.

You can also pre-order it as a gift which means that it will be delivered to you already wrapped in a gift box with printed ribbons and will just be ready to gift to whoever you want.

The ideal size of this sign makes it easy to carry and store if you’re traveling or shipping it to another location along with your other gifts.

The best part is that it can also be used as a photo prop, whether you carry it in your arms or set it upright on a tabletop, there’s no doubt this sign will add a beautiful touch to your photographs and memories.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Option to beautifully pre-package the sign making it ready to gift straight away
  • Can serve as a hanging sign, a photo prop, or a tabletop centerpiece
  • Simple yet elegant white font

How To Make Name Signs

To make a name sign, the first thing you need to do is to print out your text or you can simply write it out if you’re good at freehand.

Next is to color the back of the printed-out name using a black regular pencil and transfer the design to a foam board.

When done with that, cut out the letters using a craft knife and spray paint them.

The final step is to attach the foam letters to the already prepared pallet sign and you’re good to go.

How To Cut Names Out of Wood

You can use some DIY equipment to cut out shapes and names in wood that you can later paint or stain.

You can make use of a silhouette or Cricut and a scroll saw to cut out names from wood.

How To Hang Wooden Name Sign On Walls

You can hang a wooden name sign on the wall by doing either o the 3 methods.

You can either mount the wooden letters on the wall with nails or make use of adhesives.

You can also hand a wooden name sign on the wall using ribbon.

Final Thoughts

We can imagine you must be pretty confused by now, with so many different, yet equally good options out there in the market.

However, we hope this list of wooden name signs somehow helped you to narrow down the list to a few good ones.

A custom wooden sign is a purchase where you can rarely go wrong!

So what are you waiting for? 

Place your order for the best sign available for you today!

Happy shopping! 

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