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10 Best Wooden Lantern Nordic Hanging Wall Lamps For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

The need to supplement primary sources of lighting is arguably on the rise, this is borne from the need to cut down on power consumption, and that’s why a wooden lantern Nordic hanging wall lamp is perfect for your home.

As a result, the manufacturing and procurement of a wooden lantern Nordic hanging wall lamp is now a trend for many.

Initially, people would sorely depend on main lighting or torches to meet their lighting desires, most of which had their drawbacks.

Today, you can embed lamps on the walls of your houses, offices, and businesses to illuminate or decorate the walls with such lighting.

The results have been a production of pretty amazing wall decor and manageable amounts of light while saving on the primary light source.

Houses have in turn become appealing, exciting, and sparkling places to reside in both during the day and at night.

This article brings forth the 10 of the best wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamps, a brief description of each product, and access links for purchasing these products.

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10 Best Wooden Lantern Nordic Hanging Wall Lamps Reviewed

Without further ado, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for.

1. RingBuu Nordic LED Wall Lamp

RingBuu Nordic LED Wall Lamp
RingBuu lamp is the most recent in the market and also comes in a high quality blended between wood and metal that is very appealing to you.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamps operate on a wide range of a voltage ratio between 90V-260V thus can work comfortably without damage.

The construction of the wooden hanging wall lamps is by the use of wood, metal, and belt as the principal materials which are environmentally friendly.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging lamp has befitting qualities such as a wood hanging bracket that makes its installation very easy and convenient.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging lamps are convenient for use in the house such as in the living room, verandas, hallways, chambers, staircases among other areas where it’s safe from rain since it lacks waterproof qualities.

The use of LED lighting in RingBuu Nordic LED Wall Lamp produces a tremendous light proficiency which generates a wholesomely pleasant and pleasing atmosphere.

RingBuu says that their hanging wall lamp is very convenient to use, and in case of a malfunction, it is stress-free and effortless to replace.

However, the wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp lacks water-resistant abilities, and thus limited to indoor use only, and it may put off those who wish to install the light outside.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It operates on a range of voltages
  • The installation is easy
  • Uses LED in lighting
  • Very easy to replace in case of a malfunction

2. Wall Lamps Nordic Simple Wooden LED Wall Lamp Modern

Nordic Simple Wooden LED Wall Lamp Modern
We’ve included Wall Lamps because there are people who aspire to save on power consumption, conserve the environment, and acquire beautiful lighting for their houses with the capacity to adjust the lamp.

These wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamps produce uniform light which doesn’t cause flickering and protects eyes from damages by harsh and conspicuous rays.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging lamp comes fitted with plugs to fix it on the wall, switches, a modifiable arm, and an adjustable battery for easy use within the house setup.

Besides, bathroom wall lamps have a crystal ball to hold the lamp and illuminate its light and protect the bulb.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp is convenient for the gloomiest and the darkest places in the house, such as underground rooms, closets, indoor garages, among others.

The power source for the hanging wall lamps is external four AA batteries which are not included in the packaging and ensure that power lasts longer, not to mention the ease in fixing the cells.

When mounting the wooden lantern nordic hanging lamps on the walls, there is no use of hardwiring since they’re packed already wired for use, and all you need to do is to fix the batteries and it’s ready for use.

They are packed together with mounting screws and a 3m long sticker that ensures the lamps can be fixed in several ways.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Powered by four AA batteries
  • No hard wiring involved
  • Several options for mounting
  • Low power consumption

3. Kiven Modern Simple Nordic Wall Lamp Wooden Box

Kiven Modern Simple Nordic Wall Lamp Wooden Box
Maybe you want to recreate your persona by lighting up your study room, hall, cafe, bedroom, etc?

Kiven Modern Simple Nordic Wall Lamp Wooden Box incorporates a switch cord for fitting at the bottom and a small skillfully crafted light although the bulb is not included in the package.

With the exclusion of a battery in packaging, one is free to use either an energy-saving, incandescent, or LED bulb and fix it in the lamp socket to meet their desired lighting.

For those who value old memories, the color produced by the bulb serves to bring back old and nostalgic memories which are beautiful!

These lights produced by the wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp are a great addition to a stylish home wall beautification and helps to recreate one’s character.

Its’ package incorporates a 180cm long cord for connecting, and it can withstand a high voltage range of between 110-240V.

The external button switch adds to its convenience since you can switch it on only when you need to use it and switch it off when not using it to save on power consumption.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp can’t substitute for the primary light source since it’s not dimmable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Incorporates a switch chord that is skillfully crafted
  • Adds to home beautifications
  • LMDH Wood Wall Lamp
  • Option to use either an energy-saving or LED bulb

4. LMDH Wood Wall Lamp

LMDH Wood Wall Lamp
Very few walls’ hanging lamps offer multicolored lamps, which is the reason LMDH Wood Wall Lamp is included in this list.

The light itself is highly bright and produced by low power consuming LEDs and its manufacturing incorporates simple designs that are becoming popular by the day.

The angle of the wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp is adjustable, allowing you to shift the position of the shadow to suit lighting desire and decorate your house.

The lamps come in four primary colors, i.e. pink, blue, white, and black, which assures a personal perspective is well catered for-in choosing what suits you best.

The LMDH Wood Wall Lamps design is suitable for indoor use only and might not suit the need for outdoor lighting due to a lack of waterproof qualities.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp is not dimmable and therefore can’t be used as the primary source lighting and can be incorporated with other main lighting sources for wall decoration.

Even though the bulb is not included in the package, this light source is highly compatible with a different brand of bulbs such as CFL, halogen, incandescent, and LED bulbs and consumes a maximum power of 40W with a universal socket model, E26.

Best of all, you can make use of this wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp in various places such as in-house and for interior beautifications.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Power consumption is low
  • Adjustable handle
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Compatible with different bulbs

5. LED-Wall Lamps Abajur

LED-Wall Lamps Abajur
Maybe to want to mount your lamp on the ceiling and not necessarily on the wall?

LED-Wall Lamps Abajur does not emit any infrared radiations(IR) or ultraviolet light (UV) and offers excellent protection to your eyes and brains by producing soft light.

With the uniformity in the light it produces, the wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp assures that your eyes do not flicker when using this lamp.

Everyone loves some savings, and it is assured with the LED Wall Lamps Abajur which saves on electricity and power consumption trickling down to a slash on the total house budget.

When used in the living room or the bedroom, it offers a perfect welcoming atmosphere that is purely addition to your home decor.

The wooden hanging wall lamp lasts for a long time due to the use of top quality material in its construction and produces a high-quality soft light, not to mention its ease of installation.

Moreover, since the lamp’s installation is on the ceiling, it illuminates a broader room base, and the light illuminates quietly while receiving no interference from Rf.

It is worthwhile to note that LED Wall Lamps Abajur have received certification from Ce Fc & Rohs, and approved and passed by Qc as entirely safe for use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Does not emit UV light and IR radiations
  • Can be mounted on the ceiling
  • Saves on electricity and power consumption
  • Offers an addition to the house decor

6. Cow Head Wood Hanging Lamp Lighting

Cow Head Wood Hanging Lamp Lighting
This lamp comes in the shape of a cow head, and it’s crafted using a unique material that is not damaged by UV light, and it illuminates a wide room base area of 5-10m2.

Most importantly, these wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamps are modern and are furnished in a particular long-lasting color that does not tarnish under sunlight over a long time and they operate on alternating current.

The light source incorporates an availed LED bulb module that receives power from an alternating current even though it can’t replace the source of light.

Cow Head Wood Hanging Lamps produce soft light which is very protective and does not damage the eyesight.

They consume relatively low power-as low as 50,000h, of life; therefore, adds on to your savings even though it can’t be dimmed and thus can’t be used as the main lighting.

But you don’t have to suffer when mounting it on the wall since it is easy to install and set up and its wall mounting is hidden right behind the hanging wall lamp, therefore, appears as a perfectly hanging cow head.

The simple nature of the style and the top quality material and artistry is something to consider since they suit the design for different prospects.

The warm vintage appearance and atmosphere generated by design make it widely applicable in the restroom, verandah, living room, bedroom, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Not impaired with by UV light
  • Consume relatively low power
  • Easy to mount and setup
  • Top-quality manufacturing material

7. Night Light Nordic Style Cactus Type Wall Lamp

Night Light Nordic Style Cactus Type Wall Lamp
Being a new model in the market, the producer offers a vast array of after-sale services that are highly appealing to consumers.

The wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp is skillfully crafted in the shape of a cactus tree, and it produces additional decor to the walls even when it’s off.

For those who wish to conserve the environment, this wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp is worth considering since its’ pack is environmentally friendly, and its packaging is specifically sensitive to the conservation of the environment.

The lamp produces the right amount of light that ensures you can run your house’s errands without turning on the main light, and therefore saving some few coins on power!

The light is soft and does not produce much heat and is perfect for illuminating a young baby’s bedroom due to its’ moderate light.

The lamp is portable and offers a significant boost to children and young adults who in most cases, prefer to move around with their light source as they run their errands such as in the shower.

For young children who are highly sensitive to light and heat, the lamp produces dim light which is somewhat comforting to children in their beds.

The low annual electrical energy consumption is something to consider since it ensures that its users save a great amount of money on power bills, which everyone likes!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Shallow annual energy consumption
  • Environmental friendly packaging
  • Produces optimum lighting in the house
  • Skillful craftsmanship

8. 2PCS Wapipey Nordic Home Wall Lamp

Wapipey Nordic Home Wall Lamp
2PCS Wapipey Nordic Home Wall Lamp is a modern model that is always available in a group of two.

Everyone loves to have several colors to choose from, and the 2PCS Wapipey Nordic Home Wall Lamp comes in two primary colors, black and white, where you can choose from.

Even though the bulb is not included in the packaging, the lamp design is compatible with different bulb models such as LED, energy-saving, and incandescent bulbs which allows you an opportunity to choose the bulb that best befits you.

The lamp has received certification from CTL and CE, and its E27 socket model conforms to international standards; hence the assurance of a quality product.

With the lamps’ operating voltage ratio ranging between 110-240V, and this means that the lamp can withstand any voltages between the range.

The lamps’ modern design is special to suit different applications such as, in homes for interior decorations, in shops, and restaurants.

Wapipey attributes the elegance of the lamp to its thorough finishing by spray painting and scrubbing.

Wapipey says that the lamps are well suited for indoor use only since it does not have waterproof qualities to protect it from outside rainwater.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with the different bulb brands
  • Conforms to international standards and certified by international bodies
  • Suited to withstand high voltages

9. Wooden Wall Lamp,e27 Modern Simple Wall Light Nordic Metal Leather

Wooden Wall Lamp,e27 Modern Simple Wall Light Nordic Metal Leather
Let’s talk about the Wooden Wall Lamp, e27, a modern design that caters to assure an elegant illumination for your serene natural environment.

The lamp is highly simplified to ensure it occupies a reasonably small space and it is generally light to lift when mounting and fixing on walls.

It’s exceptionally crafted using the Nordic design that incorporates top-quality wood and iron that is painted using high temperatures.

It has an excellent ability to resist oxidation of the iron by atmospheric oxygen; hence it does not rust easily, and the bulb doesn’t flicker when in operation; therefore, highly durable.

The lamp consumes relatively low electrical power in its operation, and it is constructed using harmless material, wood, and iron, that are free of mercury and highly environmentally friendly.

The lamp does not flicker, and it offers excellent protection to the eyes by producing light that does not damage eyes, not to mention the soft texture of the light it provides.

Even though this lampshade is incapable of decreasing its illumination, it can work harmoniously with a variety of led bulbs, glowing bulbs, Edison bulbs which are dimmable using a switch.

The lamp can perfectly fit for use in the restroom, living room, corridors, shops office, among other areas to produce a perfectly finished wall decor.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Highly durable due to the incorporation of non-corrosive material
  • Relatively low power consumption
  • Can be used widely in the house, at the office, or in the workstations
  • Works harmoniously with other bulbs

10. WPOLED Macaroon Wood Wall Lamp E27

Macaroon Wood Wall Lamp E27
It is highly applicable to those seeking to experience the state-of-the-art technology and utmost safety standards even when cleaning.

WPOLED Macaroon Wood Wall Lamps comprises high-quality products that assure its users of safety since it does not corrode or rust even after frequent, easy cleaning.

The lamp consumes a low power-a maximum of between 3W-40W- and the same time produces a splendid and super- bright light.

The lamps’ design aims to withstand a high voltage ratio of specifically between 110-240V, and it consumes a power of A++.

The lamp pocket is compatible with any brands of either LED bulbs or luminous bulbs, and it produces highly uniform color light.

For those who value privacy, the ease of installing this lamp is something to go by since it comes fully packed with accessories for easy installation-no need to call for a helping hand from a neighbor!

The lamp is highly applicable for use in an array of areas such as cafeterias, restrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality that is non-corrosive and easy to clean
  • Compatible with incandescent and LED bulbs
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Designed to withstand high voltages

Choosing What Works For You

The wooden lantern Nordic hanging wall lamps mentioned above, are not just the best in the market but are carefully selected based on recommendations by previous customers as the best.

It’s highly essential to undertake due diligence before purchasing any commodity online, by carefully reading through all the instructions, disclaimers, and reviews from previous consumers.

Wooden hanging wall lamps are becoming a common emerging trend in different aspects of life either for decoration or lighting; you need not be left out!

Why Should You Buy A Wooden Hanging Wall Lamp?

Well, there is an array of ideas that should lead you to buy a wooden lamp even if you have the primary lighting source:

  • Wooden Wall Lamps are either used as primary sources of light or to substitute the main light source
  • They can act as wall decors by the elegant light they produce
  • Most of these lamps consume less electrical power hence cut down on the central budget
  • Most of these lamps are highly compatible with different brands of bulbs
  • Durability ensures that the use of these lamps is for a longer time without damage
  • Most hanging wooden wall lamps are easy to install and replace in case of a malfunction
  • The craftsmanship and packaging of these lamps is in a way that conserves the environment

Advantages Of Using Online Shopping Platforms

  • Product delivery is fast
  • For all products that either do not meet customer specifications or are damaged upon delivery, the return process is easy and convenient
  • It offers unique products
  • With the onset of technological improvement, it offers online-shopping experiences
  • There’s a wide range of products for customers to choose from
  • These platforms provide reasonable pricing for most hanging wooden lamps

Final Thoughts

There is an array of wooden lantern Nordic hanging wall lamps that are available on the online market.

However, if you want to purchase the best quality wooden lantern nordic hanging wall lamp, then you must do so from a reputable online shopping platform.

Depending on your lighting desires, either to substitute the main lighting or to use them as the main lighting, these lamps meet all consumer requirements without disappointments.

Try out some of these ten best wooden lantern Nordic hanging wall lamps for your lighting and stand out by having a serene and well-lit environment.

The reviews generated from previous customers are numerous and worthwhile, and your review is equally important and should be added to the list.

Just leave a comment below describing your experience with the product you’ve purchased.

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