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10 Best Wood Wall Medallions & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

We, humans always desire for more than just our basic needs, and that’s why we want to decorate our walls with wood wall medallions.

And we look for something maybe more than plain stuff, something with the least design and color.

Did you ever notice why your clothes are mostly in colors and designs?

The answer probably is that most people wouldn’t choose an ordinary and undecorated fabric even if the quality is top-notch.

Similarly, we can apply this basic idea to every sector where the question arrives of beautification or aestheticism.

A cool-designed wood medallion hanging on the wall will always show your taste up to the classics in the case of decorations.

So, anybody would want to prefer his wall with some beautiful wood wall medallions against a simple plain polishing, no matter whatever the color be.

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10 Best Wood Wall Medallions Reviewed

Let’s take a good look at the products we have for you.

1. Wood Carved King Size Lotus Headboard Medallion

Carved King Size Lotus Headboard Medallion
Let’s hit on with a beautifully designed square size wooden medallion that’ll catch everyone’s eye.

This product has a hand furnishing that indicates each item will be unique and might have minor differences in close looks, perfect for that wall of yours.

Anybody can have assurance regarding the durability of the product as it’s made from the famous hard timber teak wood used in shipbuilding as well.

The installation process is very easy, just hang the medallion wall art against your wall and you’ll also receive instructions and hardware.

Don’t worry about the color of the medallion wall art if it doesn’t go with your wall or somehow you don’t seem to like it too much, as you can order other colors as, dark brown wash, oak, white, or whitewash.

Now, when you choose one of them and use it, you’ll need to look after it as well, I mean just clean up with a dry clean cloth after a certain period.

You can decorate your bedroom with these completely handmade and intricately designed headboards always attracting eyes while hanging on your wall.

Each product is a result of more than 200 hours of work of the hill tribes of northern Thailand, so when you buy one of them, you’ll actually indirectly help the craftsmen and support their living.

Also, if you’re a lit or art lover, the product’s exclusive and stylish design and ever-blooming theme of lotus flower will touch your passion and give your space a contemplative and aesthetic touch in which you can dive deep into the imagination.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Assurance of durability with hard Teak timber
  • Easy wall installation
  • Unique and exclusive design

2. Handcrafted Wooden Celtic Tree Of Life Wall Decor

Handcrafted Wooden Celtic Tree Of Life Wall Decor
This Celtic Tree of life from Dharma Objects is another considerable option for your wall decoration.

This white handcrafted piece reflects a theme or meditation, so if you like Indian styles in crafts or artworks on your wall, you’ll not ignore the art of yoga for sure.

Also, it’ll suit any use in meditation centers since the practice will be similar and help the people concentrate to lose into the mode they’ve come for.

India has a rich heritage in the field of making imaginary or mythical characters into sculptures with care, and skilled artisans do this type of work, this piece is also similar to that.

This antique handicraft measures 12 inches breadth and only an inch thick to completely give a suit to fit with your wall, the weight is only 700 grams that means it’s quite light.

It does not connect to electricity or any other device, so you don’t need to take any trouble of installation or worry about servicing, just receive and hang it anywhere on the wall that suits according to your interpretation

People who bought this medallion wall art product have given so much positive feedbacks, most of them were in love with the antique design and the theme of life coded into the middle.

Some reviewers expressed their satisfaction with the product’s furnishing, smoothness, and color as well.

Overall, this item of Dharma Products has a very rich style and theme in it, still if your instincts confuse you to prefer, just see the reviews and ratings, you’ll just love it.

You’ll surely love this medallion wall art in your home.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Usable in different places
  • Connotative tone
  • No extra device needed

3. Tree Of Life Maple 3 Panel Wood Wall Art

Tree Of Life Maple 3 Panel Wood Wall Art
Celebrating life can have different motifs and choices, if you want to prefer the color of life in frames to experience, again and again, this medallion of Skyline Workshop will definitely catch your attention.

The authentic design of this medallion wall art artistically reflects a Maple wood and has a semi-gloss finish applied so that dizzy blush doesn’t frustrate you at all.

The product is absolutely lightweight so very easy to set it wherever you like to.

Also, it has three pieces divided so that the wall art doesn’t make any expansive impression, rather it’ll appear as a set of precise medallion wall art pieces.

The buyer will receive small handless finishing nails to hang or set the items on the wall easily and won’t have trouble regarding its settlement just in the right position.

Nevertheless, you need to know that this product has not any solid hardwood, indeed you’ll find it a very admirable piece of art.

An important point of this seller is you’ll find the customer service super cool, even if unfortunately you receive any damage or not up to the fitting level, you can just let them know and they’ll not make any delay to meet your expectations even if they need to change the whole.

The best part as you’ll get to know if you check the review part of this wall product is the look of the item is quite natural, and it gives you an image of statement throughout.

So, if you’re in search of crafts or want to decorate or redecorate your space, this piece of medallion wall art can be a very good fit for consideration and choosing and will reflect your good taste.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clean and sharp modern wall art
  • Suitable for large walls
  • Lightweight

4. Set of 3 Carved Wood Wall Plaques

Set of 3 Carved Wood Wall Plaques
Asiana Home Decor’s set of 3 Carved Wood Wall Plaques contains a glorious look and it’s appropriate to use can help anyone getting a majestic impression out of his own place.

These wall plaques are completely handmade and have an astonishing brown outlook given by the craftsmen of Thailand.

The material used in making this wall art is Teak wood which we’ve mentioned earlier as very durable and hardwood – it’s also used in shipbuilding.

Once you buy a set, hopefully, it’ll last for your and future generations’ lifetime and will become an antique treasure that might define your choice in classics, as well as at present they’ll help decorate and bring in your room an artistic touch.

It does not require any battery or electricity connection and each frame has 12 inches square dimension, the weight is only 1.2 pounds.

If you are going to have a look at this wall art, remember it’s size is not very wide, so you might feel it’s smaller in size after hanging on a vast wall, but you actually need to set it to the right place where it’ll suit, then it’s elegance will bloom properly.

The theme is of lotus flowers with imaginary small motifs included, so when you’ll set the medallions on your plain wall, this will actually bring in an aesthetic taste that most will fall in love with.

You can choose this set of medallion wall art to give anyone as a gift, will certainly impress the person with no doubt, and the seller will give a special promotion for the gift set at the same time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Set of three wall art at a time
  • Astonishing brown finish
  • Solid wood material

5. Benzara Antique Colonial Enticing Metal Wood Wall Decor

Antique Colonial Enticing Metal Wood Wall Decor
The design of this Benzara Antique Colonial Enticing Metal Wood Wall Decor by Benzara is so catchy that when you place it on your wall, it’ll seem to be blooming and blushing all the time.

You can set it almost anywhere you wish, in the middle of the living room’s wall, behind or up to your desk, beside the entryway, kitchen, dining area, or wherever you do, it’ll look so adorable.

The materials used in it are both hard at the same time durable, so you can be assured with durability to use it for a long time.

The round shape is designed with several brown shades and the center is metallic with beautiful scrollwork which is psychologically pleasing as well.

The design is so cool that once you set it and your guests behold it, they’ll identify you as a person of artistic taste no doubt.

Also, it can help boost the beauty of your backyard, lawn, or garden walls.

Choosing Benzara Antique as gifts to your dear ones on special occasions will help create your impression quite smarter.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Warranty from customer service
  • Well furnished
  • Lightweight

6. Ekena Millwork Rosette

Ekena Millwork Rosette
Searching for wall decor to fill up your space in your living room? 

Nowadays elegant people have started using different eye-catching wooden medallion wall products for decorations and to get striking and memorable designs.

In this regard, we are introducing you to one of our best rosettes, Ekena Milwork Rosette, an online product that is made of rubberwood.

Among various commodities, this particular product has got some unique features.

All its traits have made it look much beautiful like any architectural piece.

This is totally handmade artistry with traditional touch with a lot of additional details about this piece and it’s enough to add texture to your living room. 

Our product is crafted in such a way with a variety of hardwoods giving one the ability to coordinate with the other materials in the space where you want to place it.

However, we are always here to provide you with the best products to make you comfortable each time, this wooden product can be best used for not only the empty walls but also as fitting pieces for cabinetry, furniture, ceiling, etc.

To get the best results in production, there are engagements of the best craftsmen to execute the work, also they take care of your priorities and choices. 

Therefore, we are fully aware of using proper wood species or combinations of wood species both in standards and in sizes.

You will get artistic pieces among all the extensive selections of wood rosettes, also it’s traditional in form and its features are full of decorative elements.

You can get a perfect touch for adding details to a plain-looking piece of furniture or cabinets. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fast delivery 
  • Artistic design
  • Affordable

7. Ekena Millwork Small Dogwood Flower Rosette

Millwork Small Dogwood Flower Rosette
People nowadays browse through a wide selection of brands online to look for wood medallions for wall decking.

Medallions have long been popular collectible items and here we want to make sure you get the best home products when you shop online. 

These rosettes are the perfect accent pieces to cabinetry, furniture, fireplace mantels, or ceilings.

The unfinished Wood Maple Small Dogwood Flower Rosette is usually composed entirely of sapwood, which is considered a bit non -durable than rubberwood but featured with high density and interlocked grain. 

The wood carvings are very detailed and beautiful with high quality, to give an artistic feeling to your room or to the places you want, these traditional crafting works are really fascinating and available with different styles, width, and projections. 

However, these rosettes made of dogwood have excellent shock resistance and are one of the hardest domestic woods used across various countries as its toughness is appreciated in a variety of ways through applications.

Most often using wood products brings health issues but this type of wood and wood product is free from any dust and further health reactions, also it’s more user-friendly than any other wooden product.

Along with its mentioned features, these are light-weight for quick and easy installation and obviously modeled after original historical patterns and designs. 

These rosettes are produced through dogwood with both hands and tools, like all other wooden things, craftsmen with much dexterity are engaged in this work.

We have already received a handful of good reviews on this item, these are used for dressing up fireplaces, bathrooms, and in decorating a craft room and expect your avidity to buy this product among all the available wooden medallion crafts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy installation 
  • Very fashionable

8. Ekena Millwork Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion

Ekena Millwork Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion
We are now introducing you to another fascinating medallion which is used basically for ceiling decor. 

Medallions are hugely used as standard woodworking tools to add a hole for a ceiling fan or electrical light fixture’s ceiling box.

Ceiling fans can rarely function as a stylish canopy but, by installing a ceiling medallion the place around the electronic fan or light can be easily given a fashionable look.

People focus on giving attention to dress up their ceiling for a long, so they started using different shaped ceiling medallions as ornamental decorative features.

Though hanging ceiling fixtures were used in earlier periods, now medallions are more popular for large rooms in more stately homes and people are interested in decorating their ceiling with a plain ceiling surface. 

These types of ceiling medallions are usually shaped after original historical patterns and designs, like all the rubberwood rosettes and dogwood flower rosettes, these medallions are masterpieces for decorative outfits for each of their features and you will have several options that you can easily choose by matching with your room.

Each of the medallions is hand-carved and made with a highly detailed fashion and deep artistic look. 

Choosing the right ceiling medallion for your room is associated with the consideration for size proportion and decorating style, therefore they provide you with different sizes and styles.

These are originally round-shaped with some adjoining designs around it and the styles are based on leaf or flower designs, though ceiling medallions are sometimes designed as simple plain discs.

We also have concern for your general recommendations, hence offering you medallions for not only large and ornate rooms but also colonial-style homes with simple disc medallions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Masterpieces for decorations
  • Charming shapes 
  • Highly detailed work with much dexterity 

9. Ekena Millwork Rosette, Rubberwood

Ekena Millwork Rosette, Rubberwood
Do you want to complement your existing decoration with a variety of functional accent pieces? 

Then we would like to welcome you to browse our wide selection of decorative accent piece rubberwood medallions to embellish your farmhouse styled home or living house.

Here, have a look at this alluring piece of medallion product called Ekena Millwork Rosette made from rubberwood. 

Like the earlier products, this particular wooden one is considered a perfect accent piece used in cabinetry, furniture, fireplaces, etc.

This medallion is usually used for interior design, also you can use it by gluing on the wall, doors, furniture, cabinets, cupboards, windows, or mirrors as a decoration, and in this regard, rubberwood is the best element as it suits perfectly indoors rather than outdoors.

Check out this curved wood rosette if you want to furnish your flat surfaces and give it some design.

Taking into account your various choices, there are splendid designs in this medallion. 

We hope this wooden medallion is optimal enough to meet up your demand for bringing traditional touch in your room and will always be a classic by adding the relish of formality to the room.

Rubberwood has a white undertone which makes this medallion product more uniform when finished and the colors and shadings are beautiful as well. 

It’s most often made of light color medium -density obtained from different rubber woods, so you must get cost advantages to consider with this wooden product. 

Each of the pieces carries distinguished features in shape, style, and design as maintained the best quality, and all the products are crafted with exquisite details. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily sculpted and durable 
  • Affordable with intricate and complex curving 
  • Crafted after traditional styles

10. Ekena Millwork Flower Ceiling Medallion, Factory Primed

Ekena Millwork Flower Ceiling Medallion, Factory Primed
If you are looking for adding architectural interest and decorative detail to the ceiling, have a look at this fabulous one here, hope you will find it to buy with durable certainty.

Generally, ceiling medallions are intended for rooms with high ceilings, but here we are presenting some unique flower medallions that can easily turn boring rooms into wonderful eye-soothing spaces. 

The addition of ceiling medallions can even enhance ceiling fans to give them a more ornate feel and is capable of adding a perfect complement to chandeliers and lighting fixtures. 

Ceiling Medallion in cast plaster features a beautiful floral pattern and large flower Petals stemming from.

Here in this stock, there are repositionable flower bloom ceiling medallions with the look of an artisan.

These floral ceiling medallions are so lovely to look at and can certainly bring deadly relish to one’s living place. 

Unlike the other rosettes, these flower-shaped medallions are much gorgeous to catch the attraction of the people easily.

Along with carved wood and plaster, floral ceiling medallions are nowadays made from high-density polyurethane or PVC plastic.

If anytime you need to remove a medallion for any type of repairing or finishing touch from its placed position, you can easily do. 

It’s often made of soft and flexible materials and manufactured in such a way that retains its flexibility after its cures.

These are high-quality ceiling medallions with reasonable competitive prices that will satisfy you and so far the reviews we see are also very satisfactory. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good for ceiling decor
  • Spare rooms and entryways 
  • Very artistic to look at
  • Flexible to repair 

Final Thoughts

Life has become really easy because of having so many wood wall medallions options available all around us these days.

Whether we need to choose a wall medallion or anything else, we can do it with comparisons of different products.

Nevertheless, there’s been several top wall medallions of wood listed for you to choose from.

Now you can compare according to your need, budget, or taste, don’t get confused.

Choose whatever product is okay to you and bring in color in every sphere of life.

Share your thoughts on these products with us via the comments section.

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