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10 Best Surfboard Towel Racks & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

If you are looking for something that will remind you of the epic holiday season you just had, then you could start by boosting your decor with some surfboard towel racks.

We have selected for you the best surfboard towel racks, that will make you feel like you are back on the beach while making your house look awesome.

If you are building a beach house, these would be great accessories to go along with your style.

Whether you need a surfboard towel rack in the bathroom, the kitchen, entryway, or even outside in the pool, we have got many options for you.

Moreover, these surfboard towel racks are also available in different colors, helping you choose what complements your space.

We have considered the prices of these products to ensure you get high-quality products for the right place, be it in terms of durability or otherwise.

Dry those towels in a classy surfboard towel rack!

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10 Best Surfboard Towel Racks Reviewed

Here are the top picks for the surfboard towel racks available currently.

1. Beachcombers 4 Assorted Wooden Surfboard Wall Hooks Hand Towels No Problem

Assorted Wooden Surfboard Wall Hooks Hand Towels No Problem
This set of four colorful surfboard towel hooks manufactured in china are almost 10 inches long.

They are made of natural wood with sturdy metal hooks to support your items and are painted with different colorful decorations that will lighten up your house.

The natural wood, despite being a stylish feature, also enhances its durability to last you a lifetime!

Additionally, they are shaped just like surfboards for that beach vibe, the only difference being the hooks.

And you can always hang your surfboard towels or swimsuits on these hand-carved holders.

The hooks are also strong enough to hold a towel, so you won’t have to be worried about your items falling.

There is a keyhole close on the back to ensure smooth and quick hanging.

You can add this to your collection or even gift a friend.

Their colorful nature will give your house a pop of fun color and feel while boosting your entire decor.

Keep in mind that these surfboard towel hooks are also very affordable and multipurpose for use in the kitchen, bathroom, etc..

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of durable natural wood
  • Strong enough to hold a towel
  • They are spanking new with a subtle finish
  • Quite affordable

2. Tumble Home Tropical Surfboard Towel Hooks

Home Tropical Surfboard Towel Hooks
These tumble surfboard hooks are a set of three surfboard wall hooks from the USA with hooks that measure nine inches from the surfboard top to the bottom of the hook.

They come in a refreshing white, light green, and bright blue color that will brighten your space while bringing a relaxed beach vibe.

The tropical-themed beach hooks are both decorative and practical, and their unique decorative design will enhance any decor.

These hooks hang easily using a keyhole type of hanger and can be attached to any wall in your house.

They look like tiny soft boards but with hooks on the bottom to hang your towels, bathrobes, keys, scarves, and hats.

The soft board towel hooks will bring a relaxed coastal charm to your home, whether you are on the mainland or the beachside.

They also have a very sturdy construction that enables them to be strong enough to hold your items.

Moreover, you can use these surfboard towel hooks as a set or use each alone in different rooms to hang those little things that tend to disappear all the time, such as keys, scarves, or even hats.

Add a bit of whimsy to your nautical themes, beach decor, and tropical design interiors with these surfboard wall hooks and leave your place looking fabulous and chic.

You could even gift a friend, and they will be forever grateful for the beach vibe effect of this rack in their homes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The metal hook is strong enough to hold a towel
  • Brings a relaxed beach vibe sensation
  • Can be attached to any wall easily
  • Brings the seaside right into your home

3. Wooden 5 Hook Surfboard Shaped Towel Rack

Hook Surfboard Shaped Towel Rack
These handmade surfboard towel racks from the USA look just like an actual surfboard but with hooks.

They could even tempt you to have a little surfing moment in your bathroom, especially if you are a surfing lover.

The wall-mounted surfboard racks are of high quality and are perfect for hanging more of your towels, hats, scarves, clothes, or anything that dangles.

They are custom-made from 100% nicely finished Baltic plywood, and you can mount them on any wall that has enough space in the most refreshing Hawaiian surf motifs.

These racks have a fresh Hawaiian design that looks great anywhere you place them be it in the office, garage, or home.

Yes, you can place a surfboard towel rack in other places in your home aside from your bathroom or storeroom.

The unique Hawaiian design makes the rack stand out, giving your decor a little boost that will get everyone’s attention.

Lastly, these surfboard-shaped towel racks will look great anywhere you need a space-saving surfboard wall rack for storage.

For example, this will come in handy for use in the kitchen.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality hence more durable
  • Custom made to your taste
  • Looks like an actual surfboard
  • Can be mounted on any wall

4. Red Yellow Blue Wood and Cast Iron Surfboard Wall Hooks

Wood and Cast Iron Surfboard Wall Hooks
Are you a colorful person that loves to play around with colors?

This product is a set of two wall hooks that are twelve inches long painted with colorful stripes of red, blue, and yellow that you will love.

These sturdy and lightweight wall hooks made in china have a cast iron hook making them perfect for hanging towels, coats, robes, keys, and many more.

The surfboard hooks are brightly colored, therefore adding a pop of fun, bright color to your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or entryways.

Relaxed, casual, and colorful is the perfect way to describe this set of hooks that will bring a combination of art and function in whichever room you choose to place them.

You could hang them as a set in any direction or arrange them around your home on different walls like those of your kitchen. 

The surfboard is made of wood while the hooks are made of metal strong enough to hang to your towels and other items.

They have a sawtooth hanger on the back for fast and easy installation.

For a tropical-inspired home, this set of hooks would be gorgeous and they can even be fitted in your kitchen or bathroom as the thing arise.

However, mounting crews have not been included in their purchase, so you would have to look for some.

Upgrade your interior decor with this surfboard hook, and you will forever be grateful.

You can as well gift this to a friend.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bring a pop of color to any room
  • Easy to install due to the sawtooth hanger at the back
  • Eye-catching due to their colorful nature
  • Great for storage

5. Nice Rack Quad Surfboard Wall Rack

Nice Rack Quad Surfboard Wall Rack
Nike Rack wall racks are environmentally friendly as they are made of recycled ABS plastics that are lightweight but extremely strong.

They have an original two-piece design that ensures direct access to the mounting screws while enabling the wall mount to be securely fastened to the wall. 

This two-piece design is meant to maximize strength and is also relocatable hence can be moved easily to another wall.

The surfboard towel rack support arm uses a ribbed and tapered design that maximizes strength and stiffness.

The surfboard towel rack has a connection system that makes installation quick and easy.

The wall mount and the supporting arm of the surfboard towel rack are covered by an adhesive foam tape arm to protect your items from scratches.

It is easy to add additional surfboard racks to the already installed by directly connecting additional wall mounts, leaving the number of shelves that can be added to the extent of the wall.

The higher the wall, the more the surfboard towel rack you can add.

The top and bottom walls have mounted end caps giving the Nice surfboard towel rack a polished look while completing the installation.

The Nice Rack home storage and surfboard towel rack is exceptional for showcasing, protecting, and storing anything from towels to surfboards.

Moreover, you can use these surfboard wall racks can anywhere, be it at home, in the garage, shaping rooms, board shops, and even merchandising displays.

The nice rack surfboard storage system is a great way to free up your floor space while having efficient and easy-to-use storage for your items.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An expandable surf rack storage system allows you to add extra racks to your already hanging nice surfboard towel rack
  • Environmental friendly as it is made from recycled ABS plastics 
  • Can be used anywhere both indoors and outdoors
  • Its modular linking system makes installation quick and easy

6. Tropical Beachy Surfboard Wall Hooks

Tropical Beachy Surfboard Wall Hooks
This set of six small surfboard hooks by surfboard decor is excellent to decorate your home or beach house during summer.

They have been painted brightly, and each of the boards has a different unique design and color, giving your house a colorful and stylish look.

The board is made of pressed wood with a metal hook-aged finish that measures nine by two inches.

A mounting bracket is attached to the back of these tiny hooks to make them quick and easy to hang.

These tiny surfboard towel hooks are great to hang your towels, robes, keys, hats, and other items.

Regardless of their small nature, these hooks are strong enough to hold towels and any other items you may want to hang and the wood serves as strong support.

They can be used as a set or individually on different walls to match your style and decor.

You can enjoy this set by yourself or give out some as gifts, and your friends and family will love you for it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Each surfboard hook has a different color and unique design
  • Ease of hanging due to mounting bracket attached at the back
  • Strong enough to hold a towel
  • Brings a relaxed and calm beach vibe

7. COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack

Surf Surfboard Wall Rack
Made by Cor Surf(a family of surfers), this surfboard towel rack is made from 100% solid dark wood or bamboo, which is eco-friendly and harvested sustainably.

The beautiful and robust dark stained wood used makes the towel rack a sight to behold with its vintage look, a nice addition to your home decor and can be useful in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, etc.

This COR wall rack blends into any interior design while balancing sustainability and durability.

It has a protective rubber strip lining the surfboard towel rack for cushioning, protecting it from dings and scratches and prevent slipping.

The board and hook combination of the rack have a simple but thoughtful and versatile design that allows for quick and easy installation.

All mounting hardware is included in the purchase to make the installation process of the surfboard towel rack more manageable.

It is also strong enough to hold towels and anything else, including an actual surfboard.

This product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed such that if you return the product within thirty days, you get a full refund with no questions asked.

Moreover, this surfboard towel rack is excellent for storage and works well both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for display.

This surfboard towel rack can hold several items at the same time, saving you space while being extremely efficient.

This rack can find use in the kitchen for holding napkins and towels, it’s a great gift option.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautifully crafted wood with the best material to blend into any interior design
  • Protective rubber stip prevents slippage
  • Easy to install surfboard towel rack with its versatile design
  • 1oo% satisfaction guaranteed

8. Sharkbite Surfboard Towel Rack

Sharkbite Surfboard Towel Rack
Personalize and decorate your homes and beach house entryway this summer with this Surfboard towel rack that is hand-made from baltic birch plywood.

This classic surfboard towel rack features a hand-cut shark bite on the top front of the piece, making it unique and eyecatching- an interesting decor piece for your house.

It’s cut after finishing hence exposing the raw wood just like a real shark bite.

The board is made of wood while the hooks are made of metal.

This surfboard towel rack is finished with a three-stripe design, Florida orange, gulf blue, and Florida orange: a combination that enhances its beauty.

The fin is also in Florida orange to match the board, to give a tropical look.

It also has three brushed nickel towels or robe hooks and is available in a variety of different color combinations from which you can choose.

The surfboard towel rack is ready to mount on any wall with hangers included for easy drywall mounting.

This surfboard towel rack is perfect for home decor, man caves, garages bars, and gift-giving.

For home decor, this towel rack is ideal for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or even your bedroom.

You can also place these surfboard racks outdoors.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hangers included for easy and fast mounting 
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Unique shark bite gives it a classic look
  • Hooks are packed separately ready to assemble

9. Steves Rack Shack 4 Space Horizontal Surfboard Freestanding Storage

Space Horizontal Surfboard Freestanding Storage
This freestanding surfboard towel rack from the USA is a go-to, especially if you are looking for mobile board storage.

It has a simple, intuitive design that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble anytime you want to move using only a screwdriver.

This surfboard towel rack has increased durability as it is made out of exterior grade baltic birch and stainless steel hardware making it easier to store more substantial things.

This surfboard towel rack also works perfectly both indoors and outdoors and can be used to hang your towels and robes.

It has protective padding on the arms that promotes safe and straightforward storage by protecting your items from scratches.

This free-standing surfboard towel rack will be a considerable addition to your storage space.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The surfboard towel rack set is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Protective padding for the safety of your items
  • Can hold heavy objects
  • Mobile since it is lightweight

10. Surfboard Towel Hooks

Surfboard Towel Hooks
When looking for a beach home, you want every detail to resemble the coast.

You might want to try out these surfboard hooks to achieve that objective.

If you love surfing, you would love having these hooks in your home so they can remind you of your surfing adventures.

They have different patterns for you to choose from and are hand-painted, making them a unique work of art.

A sawtooth hanger is available at the back to hang easily and quickly.

They are also clear coated for material and longevity.

You can place them in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and any other area you may deem fit.

Their colorful nature will give you that relaxed beach vibe while saving you a lot of space.

The addition of color will also make your kitchen or house in general more attractive.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Different patterns to choose from
  • Add a pop of color to your home
  • Can fit in any room
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

11. Cast Resin Car with Surfboard with Metal Wall Hooks, Pack of 2, 6 Inch

Cast Resin Car with Surfboard with Metal Wall Hooks
From De Leon collectives, these mini cars have a hand-painted finish in green and red made to look like a vintage woodie style car with cool surfboards and a curved metal hook fitting into any wall decor.

The material used is cast resin with a metal hook.

This set of hooks are crisp, colorful, and retro bringing art and function to any room of your home.

Creatively Cast in resin with a curved metal hook that you can use to hang a variety of things.

Includes a keyhole hanger on the back for quick and easy installation; hence you can install these cute little cars right away and give your decor a little style boost.

These hooks are the perfect place to hang your towels, keys, coats, robes, and more with their wide woodie wall hooks.

They are a unique addition to your beach house with all their cool features.

Mounting screws are, however, not included in this set of two wall hooks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Keyhole hanger at the back for quick and easy installation
  • The metal hook can be used to hang a variety of things
  • Vintage style t boost your interior decor
  • Brings art and function into any room

Convenience, Durability, and Quality

Everyone loves a holiday at the beach and a beach house vacay, and an end to one is often not the most beautiful news.

You may carry a lot of things that should remind you, but you could also furnish your house with the beach vibe regardless of whether it is on the mainland or the beach.

That may end up being the perfect reminder since you will see it more frequently.

We all need a place to hang our wet towels, and we need to have the perfect products for just that.

It could even be that key that is always on the run get a surfboard hook and put it on lock.

Wouldn’t it be nice to dry your towel in a classic, stylish and colorful surfboard towel rack?

If your answer is yes, it would be great to know that the market is saturated with such racks for you to choose from.

However, convenience, durability, and quality are all some of the things we would look for when purchasing something, and we have done that for you.

You ought to make sure your purchase will be worthwhile many years later.

A beach-themed interior will always calm you down and leave your guests never wanting to go.

So do you want a theme of a beach house?

Well, you know what to do – you can get that surboard towel rack for starters.

Final Thoughts

If you are a surfing lover, we have given you great ideas and inspirations to help you understand what exactly you should pick to dry your towels while giving your home a stylish look.

The surfboard towel rack collected for you should be ideal for your home decor, whether you choose to have them indoors or outdoors.

Most of these items can be used to hang other things, such as keys and hats.

They will bring some warmth to your house while making you feel like you just moved to the beach!

We hope your next purchase of interior decor will be easier having these surfboard towel racks in mind.

Let us know how you feel about these products in the comment section below and give us your suggestions.

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