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10 Best Gothic Bathroom Decor Items & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

Want to style up your bathroom with a gothic bathroom decor?

This article is for lovers of creepy, spooky, witchy lifestyle or gift ideas and accessories to someone you hold dear.

It’s a combination of different pieces of accessories that whether used individually or combined can create a perfect gothic décor for your bathrooms.

In recent years the gothic style has been on the rise and is now more than ever been appreciated in the lifestyle industry.

In this article, I am going to share my 10 best gothic bathroom decor accessories.

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Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for!

1. Tvoip Resin Skeleton Hand Bone Soap Rack

Tvoip 1Pcs Resin Skeleton Hand Bone Soap Rack Water Draining Soap Holder Bathroom Sink Ghost Hand...
66 Reviews
Tvoip 1Pcs Resin Skeleton Hand Bone Soap Rack Water Draining Soap Holder Bathroom Sink Ghost Hand...
  • It is made of high-quality resin material, which is resistant to high and low temperature and is not easy to wear....
  • Proper size: each Resin soap holder is 5.23 x 3.34x 0.7 inches (L x W x H), it won't take up much space, easy to...
  • With 8 drain holes design, the Soap box keep your soap dry and hard. Raised fingers reduce the contact area between...
  • The bottom has a non-slip design, which is stable and not easy to slide.
  • Special metal texture and artistic sense, craft skull hand appearance made it a great decoration. Ideal Tool for...

To kick start the review for gothic bathroom accessories is a skeleton hand bone soapbox and I will tell you why it made my top list.

The general outlook as the product create is luxurious yet spooky and elegant for the lovers of gothic touch.

It’s made of resin which makes it light but still gives you a metal texture at a fraction of the weight.

It’s designed in such a way that the soap is elevated off surfaces by the phalanges which are raised to also provide an easy grasp.

The dark color and the phalanges are what make this product a gothic one.

Durability is guaranteed as the box is made of Resin material which is resistant to low and high temperature, the coating also prevents mold and mildew.

To boost up drainage it has eight holes for a better draining advantage.

Meaning the soap will dry out easily and fast to prevent the soap from turning mushy, this maximizes the life of your soap.

The size is recommended for minimalist living as it doesn’t take much space in the bathroom.

Also, it has a non-slip base that provides a hard press on the counter or whichever surface is placed on and also increases its stability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s very durable because of the high-quality resin material
  • Surface elevation to a fast dry and an easy grasp
  • Has several holes for better drainage
  • It’s light in weight
  • Has a non-slip base to increase stability

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2. Design Toscano Twin Sentinal Dragons Wall Mirror

Design Toscano CL2429 Thorne Twin Sentinal Dragons Gothic Decor Wall Mirror Sculpture with Candle...
81 Reviews
Design Toscano CL2429 Thorne Twin Sentinal Dragons Gothic Decor Wall Mirror Sculpture with Candle...
  • DRAGONS THORNE MIRROR boasts a Celtic knot framed looking glass and twin sentinel dragons ready to hold your tea...
  • LEND A HAUNTING GLOW to your evening with this functional gothic gift for yourself or a favorite dragonphile.
  • CAST IN QUALITY DESIGNER RESIN with a weathered dark grey stone finish for Gothic flair. Includes hanger on the...
  • AVAILABLE ONLY AT DESIGN TOSCANO and perfect on a wall above a table, in an entryway or in an imaginative bathroom.
  • Our fantasy dragon decor mirrors measure 18.5"Wx5.5"Dx24"H and weigh 12 lbs. each.

Just from the look that this accessories create, this rectangular-shaped wall mirror is exceptional!

This wall mirror can match up to any wall, modern or vintage, whether a bright white painted wall, a black one, or simply exposed bricks.

The most appealing feature of this mirror is the alluring dragon detail, the dragons have been carefully sculptured with a nice black finish.

There are additional candle holders that are held by the two throne Dragons one on each side of the mirror.

Let’s talk about the candles holders, these candle holders when made functional by lighting the candles, will make the room warm and vibrant but still retain a gothic macabre style.

Candles are known to give an inviting, romantic feel in a room.

The black stain finish gives it a remarkable gothic style.

In addition, the resin material gives you a metallic finish and the details in the frame are creepy and macabre making it absolutely gorgeous.

The frame showcases pure work of art and creativity, and it’s because of this that it racked the 2nd in my list.

It’s not a full-body mirror but it’s perfect enough to provide a clear upper body view.

It measures 18W x 5D x 24H which is perfectly suitable for a bathroom or whichever place one may choose to hang it.

The pricing of the mirror is a bit on the high-end but this should not limit you from adding this beautiful piece to your collection.

One should normalize adding one or two luxurious statement pieces of accessories in interior elements of modern gothic bathroom.

In case you are intending to buy someone a gift, this will be an unforgettable one, this mirror accessories will look stunning in their homes.

Care must however be taken when the candles are lit, most importantly, is that the mirror serves its intended purpose.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made from high-quality material increasing its durability
  • Serves two purposes, a mirror, and a candle holder
  • It’s very easy to install
  • It’s light in weight
  • Artistic

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3. Fashion Man Bathroom Curtains

Fashion_Man 4PCS/Set Floral Sugar Skull Shower Curtain Polyester Waterproof Rose Flower Bath Curtain...
173 Reviews
Fashion_Man 4PCS/Set Floral Sugar Skull Shower Curtain Polyester Waterproof Rose Flower Bath Curtain...
  • ✅【IN THE PACKAGE】All 4PCS included.( 1 PC shower curtain + 3 PCS Rugs + 12 PCS/C-shaped hooks). Ideal...
  • ✅【GOTHIC SKULL & FLOWER PRINTING】High-definition graphic design printed with advanced non-fading technology....
  • ✅【GOOD&ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS】Made of upgraded and high quality polyester and soft flannel, which are...
  • ✅【PREMIUM POLYESTER / WATERPROOF】Sugar Skull shower curtain made of high grade polyester with excellent...
  • ✅【FREE HOOKS & SUPERIOR SERVICE】We offer you 12 hooks for free. Easily fits any standard size shower / tub...

When disturbed by mold and mildew in your bathroom, one opts to shop for a mildew-resistant shower curtain material.

One such product is this, the Fashion Man gothic bathroom curtains rugs and toilet seat lid.

To come up with a perfect gothic bathroom, as much as black is a gothic staple, one must not go for all black color elements.

There should be a harmonious combination of colors and for this case, the brown goldish color in the print will spice up color contrast in your gothic bathroom.

The package comes in sixteen pieces of accessories; one shower curtain, three rugs, a toilet seat cover, and twelve hooks.

The print is the selling point or if I may say, the Attention-Grabber!

The skully print flows through all the three fabric pieces of accessories.

About the material of the shower curtain, it’s made of high-quality polyester which is eco-friendly and does not contain any toxic chemical odor.

Regarding its durability of the curtain, it does not soak, 100% waterproof which is recommended for all shower curtains.

The bathmat is soft to provide a nice stepping place as it should be with all mats.

The combination of these three accessories will complement your room perfectly and make the gothic bathroom more attractive.

The price point is also fair enough considering the package coming with other accessories in it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The curtain is made of high-quality polyester fabric
  • It also has a strong water resistance ability
  • Eco-friendly – No chemical odor that causes harm
  • It’s a good value for money
  • The print does not fade and it’s also easy to clean

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4. Pandora's Peculiar Parlour Coffin Shaped Bath Tray

Pandora's Peculiar Parlour Coffin Shaped Bath Tray - Spooky Gothic Bathroom Decor for Your Bathtub...
19 Reviews
Pandora's Peculiar Parlour Coffin Shaped Bath Tray - Spooky Gothic Bathroom Decor for Your Bathtub...
  • GOTHIC BATHROOM DECOR. If you are the type of person interested in coffins, vampires, pumpkins, witchcraft, satanic...
  • HORROR BATHROOM DECOR is not just for halloween. This wooden coffin tray is a bath caddy tray for tub with a...
  • SITS ON TOP OF YOUR BATHTUB. If you have skull shower curtains or generally a gothic themed bathroom, this coffin...
  • GOTHIC KITCHEN DECOR might be something you haven't thought about. But this gothic tray is great for carrying...
  • SIZE: 30 Inches Length x 11 Inches Wide x 1 Inch Deep. MATERIAL: Wood.

Black is a gothic staple, and when it comes to furniture, it shouldn’t be left out either.

To come up with a perfect gruesome look in your gothic bathroom, it’s important to match up bathroom accessories with one such tray.

This black coffin-shaped bath tray is 100% made of wood giving it a classic authentic overall look.

With this, you can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with a nice glass of wine, read a book or, place your laptop on this surface.

One unique feature of this tray apart from its coffin shape is the glass holder which is convenient to hold a wine glass.

It’s designed to fit a standard bathtub with its 30 inches length and it’s also stable enough to carry/hold several accessories at the same time.

Its purpose is not limited to bath use only, one can use it as a kitchen tray to place your cups and glasses or any purpose of your choosing.

It’s very well made and easy to store too as it does not take much space in the room.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a wide surface to accommodate more items
  • It’s 100% made of wood
  • Has a specially made glass holder
  • Very stable
  • It’s light in weight
  • The coffin shape is appealing for gothic living

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5. Bloss Lotus Cotton Swab Holder

Bloss Lotus Cotton Swab Holder Cotton Swabs Bud Small QTips Box Toothpicks Container Flower Bathroom...
2,110 Reviews
Bloss Lotus Cotton Swab Holder Cotton Swabs Bud Small QTips Box Toothpicks Container Flower Bathroom...
  • Keeps q-tips handy and clean
  • Cute in your bathroom cabinet or on the counter
  • Our cotton swab holder is small but can hold up to 35 q-tips
  • The transparent lid keeps dust away
  • Size: Holder Dimension: 3.5" H x 3.0" D

Whether black is your bathroom’s dominant color or white/red/purple, this small accessory will make your bath look stunning.

The black color in this piece helps create a spooky gothic look.

Adding such small accessories is what will make the general outlook of your room stand out.

One other unique feature of this Cotton Swab Holder is its design, it’s designed to resemble a lotus flower, except that it’s black.

But once the white cotton swabs are placed in it, it looks beautiful.

The holder is made with a clear lid to prevent dust and moisture from getting in and it can also be easily removed.

The clear lid also provides a clear look at how beautiful the lotus pattern is.

It will look great when placed on a gothic bathroom counter.

This canister will ideally provide good storage and organization in your bathroom.

It can also make a good gift to someone.

This item cannot stand on its own, the use of other additional accessories can really finalize this piece and create a flawless gothic bathroom.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multipurpose – can be used as toothpick containers
  • Transparent lid to prevent dust and moisture
  • Lightweight
  • It’s also made of safe material of superior quality to prevent shattering

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6. Wallcharmers Toilet Paper Roll Holder

8.7” Fleur De Lis Toilet Paper Roll Holder| Rustic Bronze Toilet Paper Holder, Rustic Bathroom...
238 Reviews
8.7” Fleur De Lis Toilet Paper Roll Holder| Rustic Bronze Toilet Paper Holder, Rustic Bathroom...
  • Handmade 8.7” X 4.8” X 7” Rustic Cast Iron Bronze Fleur De Lis Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder (Includes...
  • Recessed Toilet Paper Holder to add a touch of Paris Decor for Bathroom. The perfect Rustic Toilet Paper Holder.
  • Incredibly detailed hand brushed Cast Iron Bronze Metal Toilet Paper Storage Holder / Iron Holder Wall Mount makes...
  • Designed to be not just another wall mounted paper towel holder or toilet paper holders. Beautifully rustic Tissue...
  • Toilet Paper Holder Wall Mount that adds a touch of vintage Bathroom Decor to your home.

To keep the theme going, a simple personal touch of a black and white toilet paper roll holder can be added up.

There are a lot of gothic or rather mysterious classic toilet paper roll holders to choose from, why did this piece make my list?

The selling point for this piece is that it’s individually handcrafted, meaning that time has been taken to craft out the little details in the item.

An arched designed frame and accessories give a more impressive eerie look to the bathroom.

This piece also does not require one to be into the gothic lifestyle to add it to their shopping list, it matches up to any bathroom style.

It gives a simple vintage, rustic outlook to infuse traditional mystical charm in your bathroom.

It’s made out of specially hand polished cast iron bronze which is one of the best materials for home improvements.

Besides, it comes with preinstalled mounting holes and attachment screws to fasten this beautiful toilet paper holder to the wall of your bathroom.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of high quality cast iron bronze
  • Rust-resistant to increase durability
  • Easy to replace toilet papers
  • Handcrafted with wonderful details
  • It’s easy to install as it comes with its own screws

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7. LUANT 5 Piece Set Bathroom Accessory

LUANT Resin Soap Dish, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder & Tumbler Bathroom Accessory 5 Piece Set...
104 Reviews
LUANT Resin Soap Dish, Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder & Tumbler Bathroom Accessory 5 Piece Set...
  • Contemporary deluxe ceramic 5 piece bathroom accessory set includes 1 round soap dish, 1 lotion/soap pump...
  • Soap Dispenser: 2.4" x2.4"x 7.1", Toothbrush Holder: 2.7" x 3.3", Tumbler: 2.5" diameter x3.9", Soap Dish: 4.3" x...
  • Perfect accessories set for master bath, guest bath or kids bath. Also suitable for commercial use.
  • Made out of resin to withstand everyday usage
  • Created by artisans who specialize in a particular material or craft, each piece is produced in limited quantities...

One thing we forget is that it’s possible to create a stunning gothic interior without the use of representational creatures and uncanny artistic work.

This accessories set is great for those looking to get a whole set of small modern bathroom accessories without having to purchase each of the items separately.

Includes one round soap dish, one lotion/soap pump dispenser, one toothbrush holder (holds up to four toothbrushes), and two tumblers.

The toothbrush holder is designed to fit up to four toothbrushes at the same time.

The dispenser can be used as either a soap or lotion dispenser or for whatever purposes one chooses to.

The dispenser’s pump has also been carefully put together to give a nice, smooth squirt of the liquid content.

The dispenser can also be easily dismantled to clean and refill the container.

The additional tumblers are made of high-quality resin which is heat tolerant.

All these accessories are made of resin material which is made to withstand everyday use and is resistant to high and low temperatures.

The general outlook that this product can create is marvelous; it’s specially made with a clear material that covers the black part and together it gives a final appearance which is gorgeous.

It’s so satisfying to have little accessories in your bathroom having the same pattern, this maintains a nice color flow.

This 5 piece bathroom accessories set look more expensive than the actual price, it’s worth purchasing.

It also makes a perfect gift set in the event you want to give it to someone special and who loves dark themed stuff.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The dispenser is multipurpose, it can be used for either soap or lotion
  • Made of high-quality resin material
  • They have meticulous finishes
  • The resin material is naturally rust resistant hence durable
  • The dark color makes it gothic appealing

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8. HanSoar Coffin Mirror

Coffin Mirror - Spooky Wall Mirror - Gothic Home Decor for Bathroom, Living Room or Bedroom - Wooden...
38 Reviews
Coffin Mirror - Spooky Wall Mirror - Gothic Home Decor for Bathroom, Living Room or Bedroom - Wooden...
  • 💀GOTHIC SPOOKY DECOR - Gothic decor might hold a special place in your heart. The stylish coffin design will add...
  • 💀HIGH QUAILITY - Made of Natural Wood Frame and HD silver-plated glass mirror. The glass mirror is secured and...
  • 💀EASY INSTALLATION -This wooden mirror comes ready to hang vertically with pre-installed hooks. Simply secure...
  • 💀PERFECT SIZE- Measures 20” x 12”, it looks fabulous for any wall. The size make a perfect fit for your...
  • 💀AWESOME GIFT - If your friends or family love creepy macabre or other gothic decor surprise him/her with the...

Mirrors are generally all bathroom essentials because we take time to freshen ourselves on an everyday basis.

So, if you want to make this center of interest to have a captivating touch, then the HanSoar Coffin Mirror is the perfect piece for your bathroom.

This piece will create a very nice beautiful contrast on whichever wall it’s hanging on.

It’s designs is such that it takes a coffin shape frame holding an HD silver-plated mirror.

Unlike the twin sentinal dragon mirror, this coffin mirror is made from 100% wood.

Wood has been traditionally and is still being held as one that represents pure class and a high-end commodity.

This coffin mirror has a meticulous finish with a very fine and clean black stain to keep the theme going.

Despite it not having an artistic work on the frames, the piece is still a testament of simple elegance.

This mirror is more budget-friendly as compared to the previous mirror.

It’s not limited to bathroom use alone, it can be hung in whichever place one wishes.

The mirror comes ready to hang.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality wood material
  • It’s very easy to install
  • Has a clean dark stain finish
  • Perfect sizing to fit any area of the house

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9. Riyidecor Shower Curtain and Shower Hooks

Riyidecor Fabric Black Forest Shower Curtain Set for Bathroom 72Wx72H Inch Abstract Moon Gothic Bath...
121 Reviews
Riyidecor Fabric Black Forest Shower Curtain Set for Bathroom 72Wx72H Inch Abstract Moon Gothic Bath...
  • 【Material and Size】: Polyester waterproof fabric, 72 inches long x 72 inches wide.
  • 【Design】: Trees and moon, nature landscape theme, gothic style black and white color.
  • 【What’s Included】: One shower curtain, 12-pack plastic shower hooks.
  • 【Function】: Waterproof, Eco-Friendly.
  • 【Maintenance】: Machine washable in cold water, low tumble dry.

When decorating your home you don’t have to go for high-end luxurious fabrics to pull off an eccentric, elegant look.

There are pocket-friendly fabrics which can complement your gothic touch theme and one such is this, Riyidecor Shower curtains.

The fabric is polyester and you don’t need science to know that polyester fibers have low water absorption and also products created from polyester have minimal shrinkage.

It comes with heavy high-quality material and considering the amount of money you will pay for this, makes it a good value for the money.

This beautiful black and white curtain have specially embroidered nature landscape themes, a vibrant image of trees to bring a gothic harmonious decoration flow.

It will also bring a touch of imagination and fantasy into the bathroom.

This art can certainly blend well with any additional décor one may choose for the bathroom to give it a personal flair.

It’s also multi-purpose, one can use the curtain in the kitchen, office, bedroom or even as a photography backdrop, isn’t that amazing?

The size of the curtain is made to fit a standard shower bathroom.

Also, when you purchase this item you get 12 plastic shower hooks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The material is durable and can last for years
  • Waterproof polyester material
  • The curtain is multipurpose
  • Easy maintenance as it’s machine washable and the print does not fade
  • Comes with additional hooks
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Good value for money

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Wweenuo Skull Toilet Paper Holder

wweenuo Skull Toilet Paper Holder Retro, Halloween Decorations Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Paper Roll...
105 Reviews
wweenuo Skull Toilet Paper Holder Retro, Halloween Decorations Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Paper Roll...
  • Material: Made of resin, environmental and safe.
  • Size: 7.7 * 5.1 * 7.1"(L*W*H) / 19.5 * 13 * 18 cm(L*W*H)
  • Retro punk design: This decorative toilet paper holder play a magical role in the bathroom, terrible Halloween...
  • Easy Installatlon: Easy to install, Our wall mounted toilet paper holders arrive ready to hang by keyhole slots.
  • Great gift idea for Halloween: Men, ladies, Christmas, birthday gifts, creative gifts for Halloween family and...

Lastly, to finalize my list, it’s this Wweenuo Skull Toilet Paper holder.

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to make your bathroom get a Halloween look.

If you’re fascinated by skulls or take skulls as a symbolic item or if you just find beauty in them, then this toilet paper holder will blow your mind!

If you are not conservative with your color choice and want to try something out of the gothic staple, black, this beige skull is the one for you.

This is for sure an intricate statement piece, ideal for your bathroom!

It’s a very creative item such that it appears as if it’s the skeleton holding the tissue roll for you.

It’s made of resin which is a good material and is safe and environmentally friendly.

It’s also quite easy to install as it comes ready to hang with pre-installed keyhole slots.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provide for easy installation of the holder
  • Good quality resin
  • Easy to use when replacing tissue papers

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Most people don’t fancy homes inspired by such gothic all deep black finishes, but for those who do, they are a testament to how impressively splendid they are!

Whether or not you are into or obsessed with gothic, scary, Halloween elements in your lifestyle, it’s worth adding some macabre touch to your home.

To conclude, let’s talk about color!

Well, the Goth Subculture is known to be characterized by a black-themed, melancholic, mood aesthetic, however, it goes beyond that.

Other colors should also be appreciated ranging from red to burgundy, violet, deep purple, gold, etcetera.

Black should not be used to an excessive degree.

When coming up with gothic bathroom décor ideas, one should be punctilious such that you pay attention to the little details because together you will be guaranteed a perfect interior in your bathroom.

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