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DIY Swing Arm Curtain Rod | 10 Step Definitive Guide

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Skye Rhodes

If you fancy swing arm curtain rods, wouldn’t it be fabulous to discover how to make yours, by going through a DIY swing arm curtain rod article?

It sure would, which is exactly why we have put together this beautiful piece for your perusal.

Swing arm curtain rods are a versatile functional and decorative product, that you can use on your doors and windows and you can also use them to cover closets and bookcases.

They are easy to install, requiring only a small space for mounting.

The swing arm curtain rods are difficult to find and it may be expensive, to purchase the old-sized openings.

They also tend to bend when under substantial weight, unless they come from a high-grade material.

Table of Contents

Ten Steps in Creating Your DIY Swing Arm Curtain Rods

Step 1:

Insert your rod section of the pipe, into the right opening angle of the T connector’s opening.

Step 2:

Put marks on the wall where you need to locate the swing arm curtain rod.

It should be at the central position of the swing arm curtain rod and the rod has a diameter of 0.5 inches.

For instance, if the swing arm curtain measures 80 cm from the floor, the wall mark above the ground should be 79 ¾ inches.

Step 3:

Take the measurement and mark 1 1/8 inches below, and above the rod location.

Step 4:

Fix the eye screw on the mark and finish the eye parallel to the floor.

Step 5:

In the space between the eyes, screw and insert it in the T-connector.

The eye screw will extend into the room between the screws.

The orientation of the T-connector will be vertical.

Step 6:

Enter the 2 inches pipe via the top eye screw, and to the opening of the T-connector.

Top it with an end cap.

Step 7:

Insert the 1-inch pipe piece via the lower eye screw and into the bottom opening of the T connector.

Then top IT with the end cap.

Step 8:

Insert the swing arm curtain into the rod.

Step 9:

Fasten the chosen final to the end.

Step 10:

Confirm your fastening, to ensure that you have fixed your DIY swing arm well.

You may also buy a swing arm from reputable suppliers if, you choose not to bother yourself with DIY swing arm curtain rods.

This article also provides a review of some of the products you may consider.

Different Types of Curtain Rods

Standard Curtain Rods:

The standard curtain rod is the most understandable type of rod you can get, as they are lightweight and generally made from aluminum material.

They are usually are not visible to the naked eyes, because they are in a sleeve of the curtain.

The swing arm rods are typically mounted to the wall in the room, by plate hooks that support the poles.

Tension Curtain Rods:

The tension curtain rod is a single-pole, that offers a high degree of versatility.

Some people refer to it as a spring curtain pole.

You can use it to hang the curtain in between the walls, and it’s mainly applicable in bathrooms and in any other room in the house.

It can help you instantly put up your curtains, depending on your needs.

Transverse Curtain Rod:

The transverse curtain rod is the oldest in use today.

People commonly use it with pinch-pleated draperies.

The rods come with inbuilt hangers and ropes, for the smooth closing of the curtain.

Some can currently work, with the mechanism of drawing and closing the curtain.

Magnetic Curtain Rods:

The rod is the best type for hanging curtains on the window and doors in a room.

With this type of swing arm curtain rod, you will save your time of drilling in the wall, during mounting.

You simply position the rod, in line with the exact position you wish and cling the magnet on the wall.

The attraction is strong enough to hang most curtains, and they preserve the integrity of the metal fixture.

Decorative Curtain Rods:

These curtain rods add to the physical appearance of the home decor.

You can select a variety of materials available, including metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, and plastic.

The swing arm curtain rod stands out when you include beautiful curtain decor.

Why Use Swing Arm Curtain Rods?

You can save a lot of your room space and enhance the efficiency of your curtain, by using swing arm curtain rods.

A major advantage of this type of curtain is, the ability to partition one room into many.

You may be having one great place, and you wish to partition it into several private chambers.

The swing arm curtain rod will help you partition your room, into different times/occasions of the day.

Some other advantages include;

Optimum Usability:

You can use the metallic swing arm curtain rod in different areas, including high humid places, where you can use wood counterparts.

Opens in any Direction:

The swing arm curtain rods can open in any direction, provided you mold it in the right wall direction.

You need to find the right direction, for fixing it on the wall.

Easy Installation:

It’s easy to install the swing arm curtain rod.

Flat surfaces are the best for installing them because they come with a metallic, wooden variety, that you can easily mount on your room counters.

How to Set Up Usefully, During the Installation of Curtain Rods?

Get Your Curtains:

You may decide to buy or make your curtain, whatever the case, choose the best design according to your desire.

You can use different designs for your house, including drapes, panels, cafe, and door curtains, depending on the room.

Decide Where You Wish the Curtain Bottom to Fall:

When purchasing the curtain, put into consideration the length which the curtain will cover.

For instance, if purchasing the tab top, ensure that the curtain length doesn’t include the tab’s range.

The floor curtain length ends at 1.25 cm from the floor surface, so when you live in a humid environment, it should be 2.5 cm above the floor.

If you choose to puddle the curtain, ensure you leave plenty of material to make the puddle.

Curtains that hang below the sill should be 10 cm below the sill, and they should have the right length, to cover the edges of the casing below the window.

For a sill-length curtain, you should skim the skill.

Determine How Far You Wish to Draw Back the Curtains:

Buy long rods or rods that can return if, you intend to pull them away from the window completely.

The return length should depend on the type and the curtain width.

You need to decide whether to install the rod on the wall outside of the casing, especially if the casing is plastic.

You will need to install the curtain rods on the wall if you have a plastic window casing, and the casing may be more natural if you have a cob, stone wall, or plaster.

Remember, that the curtain will only drawback as far as the holding brackets of the rods.

The curtain style, also determines how much you can compress them.

How to Correctly Install Curtain Rods:

Measure the Height of the Rod:

Use the measuring tape, to ensure that the curtain top is where you wish the curtain to end.

While taking the measurement, remember that some curtain designs have pleats and ruffles, extending above the rod top.

Put a mark on both sides of the casing with a pencil, and use a laser level to ensure that the targets are even.

Mark the places for bracket:

Once you are sure of the measurements, use a pencil to mark the point where the screws will enter.

Ensure, that you don’t mark them close to the wood’s edge because it makes the wood fragile, and eventually, it could break.

Add a Mid Brace if You Wish:

Put into consideration, the length of the rod when hanging the bracket.

Though most  swing arm curtain rods are adjustable, the bracket’s distance should not be too long, making the rod sag in the middle.

Instead, you should increase the gap between the rod by over 50%.

Drill the Pilot Holes for Starting the Screws:

The pilot holes prevent cracking of the wall material or the casing

When installing the brackets, ensure the pilot holes are of the right size, to place the crow anchors.

The screw anchors are necessary if, the rod brackets cannot attach to the wall studs.

To avoid using crew anchor, ensure your bracket is going 1 to 2 inches beyond the casing.

Screw Brackets to the Wall or Casing:

You will need plastic screws when installing on the wall, between the studs.

It will expand inside the drywall panel and prevent the screw from pulling outside.

Check the Level:

Use a carpenter’s standard, to ensure that the rod is even.

Hang the Curtain on the Rods:

Remove the rod and hang the curtain on the rods.

Hang the rods on the bracket, and you will be through with the process.

How to Choose the Best Swing Arm Curtain Rod

It Should Support your Curtain Type:

The fabrics you wish to use in the room will determine the nature of the curtain rod you need, so if you are going for heavy fabric, choose a sturdy metal such as wrought iron.

You must also check on the place you want to mount your rod, as this will influence the type of rod to choose.

Tension rods can work best when you are mounting your curtain inside the window frame, but a more straightforward bracket works well, for an outside attached curtain.

Choose a Flattering Color and Finish:

The color and finish on your curtain, can contribute to the tension of your rod.

Paring your cast-iron curtain rod, with a pair of cool-tone linen curtains, can give a perfect blend.

Adding depth to your room is possible, with a dark swing arm curtain rod in a metallic finish.

Find the Right Length Curtain Rod for Windows:

Have time to measure your windows before buying your swing arm curtain rod, as this will help you in figuring the length of the curtain rod.

The curtain rod should always have an extension of 3 – 6 inches, past the frame of your window.

An elongated curtain rod will ensure your window looks more glam, and provide you with a room for opening the curtain, allowing enough light to enter your room.

Get a Curtain Rod that Meets Your Style:

Your home is full of beautiful touches, that contribute to your lifestyle.

Curtains can add up to your beautiful home look and decoration curtain rods come in different shapes and colors, that blend with your interior decor.

For instance, there are wooden curtain rods with end decorative finials, or a double curtain rod with elegance, which can give your house a decent look.

How Does the Swing Arm Curtain Rod Work?

The swing arm curtain rods are also called drapery hardware, and they are fastened inside the window frame or the upper window wall.

The swing arm curtain rods are available in different types of design sizes, weights, and shapes.

Unlike other traditional long curtains, the swing arm curtain rods don’t need horizontal installation.

The swing arm curtain rod is fastened on the wall and has a hinge, that allows it to swing 180 degrees.

The curtain rod installation process is easy and perfect, for swinging the curtain to any side you want when closing or opening.

Unlike other curtain rods that you mount on the walls and window frames, this type of rod can only be fastened on one side of the window frame.

Although it functions similarly to other curtain rods, you will need to move back the curtain, making it roll forth and back, similar to the mode of hinge working.

You will need to screw the rod on the frame, on the bracket that fastens on the window frame.

You will need enough space, to allow the opening and closing of the curtain, from any side.

List of Swing Arm Curtain Rods

Versailles Home Fashions

The product has a size of 14 by 25 inches, and an expresso color.

It’s made of steel material and suitable for use, with lightweight curtains and it comes in a pair.

With the swing arm curtain rod, you will gain quick access to the window during cleaning.

You can use it on the bay windows, French doors, and small windows.

  • They are easy to install and lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable


This product has two swivel arms, that independently move to dry your towels, in a much-organized way.

These swing arm curtain rods are ideal for kitchen and bathrooms, due to their small size, which won’t consume a lot of space.

They have a robust stainless steel construction material, that is dustproof and the rods are sturdy in construction, with extended durability and longevity.

It features an excellent swing arm design, with the swing arms rotating up to 180 degrees, which facilitates the simultaneous hanging of the wet towels.

You can conveniently access the item by swinging out the hook, and pushing it to the wall when not in use.

The brushed finish of the swing arm curtain rod gives it maximum protection against turning, scratches, and corrosion.

You can easily install it, as there are no complex assembling procedures, plus, it’s inclusive of the hardware pack.

The humanized design of the product protects against the slip of the towel.

  • Good for small spaces
  • It’s durable
  • You can install it easily
  • It offers value for your money


Primebeau is a metallic door magnetic rod curtain, with multi-use for small windows, iron steel places, and cafe sidelight.

The swing arm curtain rod is easy to install and is the best for steel surfaces, like doors and shelves.

You don’t need any unique tools for installation, as the swing arm curtain rod is very versatile and easy to mount.

It comes with a ½ inch diameter and you can adjust it for 9- 16 inches, which makes it the best for doors, windows casing, toolboxes, cabinet files, appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and driers.

The curtain rod is of high performance, with a heavy-duty magnet attachment for secure attachment, on any steel surface.

You will get the rods in different colors such as; black, nickel, and brown, which fits most of the modern colors.

The swing arm curtain rods work well with sheers and towels, among other light curtain panel fabric.

  • The swing arm curtain rods are sturdy and durable
  • They are versatile and easy to mount
How to Install this Curtain Rod

When you place your order, you will get two-pack magnet rods.

Match the rod end marked ‘IN’, with the thinner inner rod and match the thick outer rod, with the end marked ‘OUT’.


If you cannot improvise for your door or window curtain, you may try purchasing this rust-resistant swing arm curtain rod.

It comes in 5/8 diameter and can be adjusted, for up to 28-48 inches.

It works well with medium-weight and light curtains, for larger rooms or outside your home.

The rods are made with inspiring creativity, to compliment your windows and home decor and you can mount them on the ceiling or the wall.

They are available in two different sizes and shapes, so you can adjust the telescope size to fit your window.

The lightweight steel rods are suitable, for complementing your living rooms, dining room, kitchen, office, and bedroom.

You can use these rods for hanging curtain with pockets, and it’s also ideal for back tabs, grommets, and tabs.

  • It’s easy to assemble and install
  • It’s light in weight and durable


‘Amazon black’ is a black adjustable length rod, that extends from 72 inches-144 inches.

It’s an everyday item that provides value for your money, and it’s 1 inch in diameter, able to withstand the weights on heavy rods.

The decoration on either end gives it a visual balance appearance, that is appealing to an eye and the rods come with mounting crews and anchors, with an instruction manual for easy installation.

The swing arm curtain rods come in black, nickel, or bronze, with the decoration of the rods providing a new fashionable look.

It accommodates a variety of window lengths, extending it a little more than the window, gives it perfect protection against the light, to prevent it from sneaking into the room, as well as enhancing privacy.

  • It’s light in weight and easy to install
  • Easy to assemble and durable
  • Made from a high-quality material that offers value for your money


The Umbra swing arm curtain rod is a solution to room darkening, as it creates a window curtain, with the ability to curve from both ends and sit flush against it.

The swing arm curtain rod is easy to install, and it comes with all you need for a successful installation.

They come with a steel curtain, plastic screw anchors, metal screws, and an instruction manual, that is easy to follow.

The swing arm curtain rods can fit most of the window sizes, as the rod has a diameter of ¾ inch available if, three different sizes fit most of the window.

You can save energy cost with this type of swing arm curtain rod in combination with the twilight or blackout curtain, as it insulates your room against winter cold and outside noise.

With the product, you will have guaranteed satisfaction and value for your money.

It’s durable, with high-quality swing arm curtain rods, that never disappoints.

  • Offers good value for your money
  • It’s easy to assemble and install
  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight


The Coquilles swing arm curtain rod is available in three distinct sizes, which are; 86-120 inch, 28- 48 inch, and 48-84 inch diameters.

The package comes with an instruction manual and other accessories you need for installation.

The packaging contains two steel finials, mounting brackets, among other hardware.

The construction material includes a durable steel rod, that is strong enough for withstanding heavy curtains and the rods are a perfect match for a variety of draperies, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, restaurants, etc.

The product offers 100% certification.

  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and provides value for your money

Final Thoughts

Swing arm curtain rods are available in different sizes, designs, and colors.

Depending on your preference, you can choose what works for you and hang it on your window, or door, or wall.

Remember, you can improvise your DIY swing arm curtain rod and save some coin.

The article has provided ten steps you can use in installing your rod curtain, thus saving you a lot.

If you are unable to improvise, you can go through the best review in the above illustration and pick a swing curtain rod, that works for you.

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