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10 Best Curtain Rod Shelves & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

A curtain rod shelf or a curtain rail is a piece of equipment used to suspend curtains above windows, along the edges of showers or bathtubs, or on any other place we consider fit around the house.

We usually fix them with decorative brackets or finials.

You can use special poles for bay windows or join several straight and corner bends to give the ideal shape of a bay window.

Curtain rod can be made from unique materials including wood, metal, or plastic and they exist in almost endless styles and fashions. 

Not all curtain rods are simple straight poles, some are curved or hinged poles (depending on your company of choice), thereby providing easier installation in the bay windows when dealing with curved walls or corners of the house.

There are a variety of curtain rod shelf types and designs in the market today, from modern curtain rod to brass curtain rod.

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10 Best Curtain Rod Shelves Reviewed

Read on to learn more about some of the best curtain rod shelf and their reviews that you could use to improve the outlook of your living room, kitchen, or bathroom windows.

1. Swawis 6 Pcs Curtain Rod Tension

Swawis 6 Pcs Curtain Rod Tension
The 6pcs curtain rod tension has distinct specifications of length of 28″/70cm—48″/120cm.

It has a diameter of 1.3cm / 0.5″ and this curtain rod comes in either black or white colors.

The work has unique features, some of which are listed below.

These curtain rods are made from prime quality plastic and carbon steel which are difficult to corrode and wear. 

Its ends are equipped with two rubber feet to enable easy fixing of the curtain rod on the window wall.

This prevents slipping and makes sure that it’s suitable for lightweight curtains, with a load-bearing capacity of about 2.2-6.6 pounds.

Another stellar quality is that this curtain rod is easy to adjust, as we can adjust the length of this curtain rod to between 28″/70cm—48″/120cm depending on your desired needs and also taking into account the specifications of your cabinet, closet, refrigerator, kitchen shelves or window.

You need no tools during the installation process as the rods twist and stretch between the shelf.

The rubber feet at the ends of the curtain rod increases friction, adds resistance, and makes the rods fit. 

We can remove the rubber feet to facilitate the rod passing through the curtain as the internal thick spring makes the two ends of the rod more fit.

Pros & Benefits:

  • We can adjust the curtain rod to suit our specific needs depending on the closet, cabinet, or shelf in our homes
  • It’s of top-notch quality because of the carbon and steel that makes it withstand corrosion
  • The item applies to a wide range of applications like curtain rods, closet shelf rods, shoe racks, and bookshelves

2. H. Versailtex Magnetic Curtain Rods

H. Versailtex Magnetic Curtain RodsThis item is a magnetic curtain rod, best suited for metal doors and windows.

The top and bottom have a set of 2 multi-purpose adjustable appliances for iron and steel places.

This curtain rod has some unique characteristics that make it stand out among other products in this category.

It has an adjustable length as it is a 1/2-inch diameter multi-use magnetic curtain rod that adjusts from 9 to 16 inches and we can use it to hang lightweight curtains over window and hand towels on wall at home.

Installation of this curtain rod is easy as this item is ideal for tiny space or small window.

All you need to do is simply fasten the rod for maximum efficiency, no tools are needed for that. 

Due to its top-notch performance, it’s a perfect fit to install on doors, window casings, file cabinets shelf, toolboxes, and appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

The color finishing of this magnetic curtain rod is elegant and you’ve got a wide range to choose from which includes black, nickel, pewter, brown, white, and champagne gold.

The dimensions are available in two sizes, adjustable from 9 to 16 inches and 16 to 28 inches.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The window treatments provide privacy, light control, and safety
  • The heavy-duty magnets stick perfectly to any steel surface, thus you need no tools during installation
  • The item is made from durable steel rods and resin finials for an elegant and long-lasting life
  • It’s versatile, but majorly used as curtain rod on window wall
  • The multi-use rods come in a wide range of color finishing

3. Beokreu Tension Curtain Rod

BEOKREU Curtain Rod
The Beokreu tension rods are available in 4 distinct sizes which are 27-47 inches, 35-62inches, 43-78inches, and 120-150 inches.

The rod is made of stainless steel and the 1.8-inch diameter end caps cover more surface area than industry-standard end caps. 

This strengthens it and helps it develop a reliable holding power.

The product is ideal for persons looking for the perfect curtain rod or shelf for their space like window, closet, or temporary spaces, for example, rentals, dorms, apartments, studios, just to mention but a few.

It has impressive features that make it exemplary compared to other items in the window curtain rod category.

This curtain rod is applicable on many surfaces as spring tension rods are a sure fit on all wallpaper walls, tile walls, wood frames, smooth or rough walls, steel cabinets and many more.

Beokreu is a heavy-duty product that provides you with a drying shelf for your laundry clothes and also a shower tension because it can bear up to 20pounds.

It provides room for easy and fast installation making it easier to pull and lock the soft and sturdy rubber grippers found at the ends.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It requires neither drilling nor tools during installation, thus reducing the risks of damage
  • We install the curtain rod with spring-loaded tension between the walls and clear rubber end grips for potent holding power
  • This curtain rod is portable and easy to pack and move from one point to another

4. Goowin 6 Pcs Tension Rod

Goowin 6 Pcs Tension Rod
Goowin 6pcs tension rod has a diameter of 1.3 cm/ 0.5 inch and a load capacity of 2 to 6 lbs.

The item is available in 6 small tension rods which are adjustable from 18 cm/7 inches to 30 cm/11.8 inches approximately, though, the ideal length is 7.5 to 10 inches to provide maximum performance.

Goowin curtain rods have magnificent features to make them stand out among other products in the curtain rod category as the short adjustable tension rod makes it ideal for lightweight window curtain and it can bear about 2 to 6 pounds.

Goowin applies on many surfaces like wood, glass, metal ceramic, in areas like floor-to-ceiling doors, closet bars to use as shelf, doors and windows, support rods, wardrobe shelf bars, drying support shelf rods, just to mention but a few.

It is installed with non-slip rubber at both ends to enhance the friction with the wall surface making sure that the curtain rods remain strong and cannot easily fall.

The electrostatic spraying technology not only reduces the friction emerging from the hanging objects but also helps prevent rust which enhances the efficiency of the curtain rod.

The built-in strong thick spring has great elasticity to make sure the telescopic curtain rod has an outstanding grip to provide substantial support at all times of the day.

Pros & Benefits:

  • We can use the tension rod as curtain rod
  • The product is easy to install by twisting to provide a long-lasting, tight, and firm fit
  • It’s applicable on many surfaces, including wood, tile and painted walls

5. Vailge Room Divider Tension Curtain Rod

Vailge Room Divider Tension Curtain Rod
The Vailge room divider, tension curtain rod, exists in a 1.26mm diameter.

It’s a perfect choice for anyone who seeks to create extra private space within the room.

With a size of 28” to 43”, this adjustable tension curtain rod is just perfect to be a tension shower curtain rod or kitchen door tension curtain rod.

The product has key features for maximum output and uses on wood, tiled, wallpapered walls around the home.

We install Vailge tension curtain rod with spring-loaded tension between the walls and hold strong with rubber end grips. 

This tension curtain rod requires no drilling and does not cause damage or adhesive strain problems to the wall.

The rod uses a unique button strategy to lock in position within a brief period.

This makes it easy to adjust the length to cover your kitchen window or living room window.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This tension curtain rod is simple to install and remove without complications
  • Vailge is the ideal product to spice up your bathroom by providing adequate privacy, space, and light
  • It’s multifunctional

6. Nicetown Kitchen Room Darkening Curtains

Kitchen Room Darkening Curtains
The Nicetown kitchen room darkening curtains is a perfect choice for anyone that seeks to keep out daylight, take a nap, or keep the sun glare off the room.

Nicetown has a dimension of 84 x 42 x 0.2 inches with a weight of approximately 2.42 pounds.

The Nicetown, curtain rod pocket, blackout curtain panels provides simple and accessible ways to dress up window and wall in a color that easily matches any interior decor.

This curtain comes with unique features to make it the best choice among other products.

You can hang the curtains on a curtain rod through the rod pocket.

The 2″ opening top pocket creates pleats with a lot of ease.

The curtain is available in 2 panels per package and the heavy and soft blackout curtain panels can block up to 85% to 99% light and UV rays. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides wide compatibility
  • They’re adjustable and you can easily change them to fit perfectly to your kitchen window
  • It not only protects your furniture and floor from excess sunlight but also saves you money
  • Rod pocket valance curtains offer absolute privacy for your indoor life

7. Uxcell Ceiling Mount Bracket Curtain Closet Wardrobe Rod

Ceiling Mount Bracket Curtain Closet Wardrobe Rod
This curtain rod is super useful and adaptable to many surfaces, like the wood, tile, wall-paper, around the home.

Uxcell ceiling mount curtain rod work efficiently when mounted on the wall into drywall anchors.

This commodity has prime qualities that make it stand out compared to other items and it has a silver-tone.

Uxcell is made from prime stainless steel to make sure it’s durable with great dependability. 

The product is a perfect fit with a rod diameter of 25mm/1 inches, rod inner diameter of 26mm/1.02 inches.

A total height of 300mm (±5mm)/11.8 inches, rod diameter of 10mm/0.4 inches.

Expansion bolts size of M6*60 mm, a mounting base width of 45mm/1.8 inches.

And a mounting hole size of 15 x 8.5mm/0.6 x 0.3 inches (L*W).

Uxcell applies to a wide range of uses like curtain rod bracket for ceiling, installing indoor curtains rods, such as partition curtains or floor curtains. 

Also suitable for installing clothes poles or shelf, bathroom shower shelf for towels, closet rod holder for clothes shelf, kitchen shelf hanging rod support, just to mention but a few.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attaching the brackets to the wall creates an excellent foundation for a variety of window-dressing options
  • Made from stainless steel
  • They are easy to install in your home

8. AmazonBasics Rust Resistant Shower Doorway Curtain

Rust Resistant Shower Doorway Curtain
AmazonBasic’s shower curtain rod, makes the hanging of a shower curtain a lot easier than before.

It’s available in adjustable sizes to give you a wide range to choose from, for example, 24-36 inches, 36 to 54 inches, 54 to 90 inches, and 78 to 108 inches.

The specifications are 36 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches with an approximate item weight of 1.06 pounds.

This curtain rod delivers consistent tension, this implies that it remains secure at all times of the day or year with no need to worry about it slipping or falling, even after connecting a curtain.

For easier coordination with the interior decor, the AmazonBasics is available in diverse colors to choose from, for example, chrome, nickel, white, black, or bronze and is easy to set up on normal wall, tiled wall, wood and steel

This curtain rod is attractive and affordable making it an ideal product for people that seek to add a sleek, modern profile to their homes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This curtain rod is easy to set up on normal wall, tiled wall, wood and steel
  • It is adjustable and can be used for window curtain, shower curtain and the like
  • It’s available in a range of colors


9. Qilerr Tension Rods

Qilerr Tension Rods
The Qilerr tension rod has specifications of about 28 to 48 inches.

It has an outer tube diameter of 13 mm and a load capacity of about 1-2kg, thus, effective for customizable wardrobe shelf.

You can easily adjust the rod to your desired length and twist/fit tension rod, for easy installation.

This rod can be installed on variety of surfaces like the tiled wall, sand-finish wall, wallpapered wall and even on wood.

We can use the shower tension rod as cloth rod, divider, shower curtain rod, and more.

This rod is made from prime carbon steel and the top-notch painting makes the surface clean and smooth.

The elegant design makes sure the curtain rod stands out compared to other products in this category.

It has tension rods grommets found at the end caps of each rod to ensure that the rod does not wear out at the ends to become weak.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The product is ideal for hanging lightweight items
  • It’s easy to install
  • The stainless steel SK8 strong rough spring on both ends make the rod to function effectively and also prevent it from falling off
  • You can adjust the telescopic rod to the desired length with a lot of ease

10. Ausemku Shower Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain Rod
This shower curtain tension rod is attractive and reliable. 

With the unknown tension technology, it helps get rid of damaged bathroom wall and keeps it in place after the addition of your curtain, thus preventing it from slipping.

It’s available in original sizes 26″-40″, 40″-72″, and 48”-90″.

Ausemku is the ideal product for persons seeking a wide range of colors to choose from like stainless, black, white, and brown.

The rod holds up to 25 pounds and we can use it with several shower curtains, liners, hooks, or rings.

We can apply it on many surfaces, for example, paint wall, tile wall, the wood frame just to mention but a few.

Due to the big rubber plate, it reduces the destruction levels during the installation process.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It leaves no scratches or marks on the wall or tiles because of the rubber caps at the ends
  • It’s versatile and can be used as shower curtain rod and also window curtain wall
  • The shower curtain rod is adjustable
  • You can easily install the tension rod on any wall, to expand or contract without drilling, screws, or any tools

Curtains & Curtain Rod Considerations

Curtains are window treatment, used to dampen sound and insulate against hot and cold weather. 

While others will barely stretch from the top to the bottom of the frame, the layout of the elements will make the best window treatment for your home.

The back-tied or held-back panels are the most common decorative types used today.

You can hang the panels from a rod and secure them to the wall with a tie or sash giving the window the appearance of a stage curtain. 

Most single curtain rods can support light to medium weight curtains, sheers, and many more.

The Umbra’s curtain rods have everything you might need to easily install your rod including finials, brackets, screws, drywall anchors, and straightforward instructions.

Although very similar in design to single curtain rods, a double curtain rod allows you to have over one drapery panel or curtain for a more enhanced and improved look. 

In most cases, one would lay out the sheer curtain first followed by the regular curtain on top to prevent excess light.

Consider using lightweight curtains, even though a tension rod fits within a frame, and might not require hardware. 

The rod you choose will influence the curtain choice in the house or vice versa. 

The tab top curtains are casual and we can either dress up or down with a classic rod and simple end caps.

The grommets, both modern and casual, give room for the easier opening of the curtains as we can use them on a classic rod.

You could choose a tension rod for lightweight sheer panels which add subtle coverage and with tier and cafe curtains. 

Both tier and cafe curtains cover at least one half of a window, but we may use them to cover under the shelves of the cabinet in the kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.

Final Thoughts

Curtains can hide a multitude of sins, questionable choices, or terrible ideas at home.

Choosing to use a curtain to hide open shelves is possibly mom’s second smartest use of fabric.

It’s always an excellent idea to choose what curtain rod shelf will work best with the curtain you would like to use on your shelves and home decorations.

You get to decide how to enclose a specific shelf and what style and function it will have. 

It’s ideal to always figure out what materials will match the wood in the room, fabric, or bamboo to use for a classy outlook product.

I hope you got value from this article.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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