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10 Best Blue Crystal Vases & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

What’s a living room or office without classy, blue crystal vases?

While vases make fantastic houses for plant life and different stems, there are many different items you can store there like incense sticks and kitchen utensils which don’t seem to be out of the query as long as the vase you pick is up to par.

Since vases are not that steeply-priced and may additionally remain a lifetime if handled properly, you would perhaps choose to keep them for numerous fashions and perhaps change your indoor decor from season to season. 

While these items are not exactly hazardous, most are made up of breakable materials, so make sure to put yours far off from ledges from which they could fall or from busy areas where they could be accidentally knocked over. 

Likewise, counting on their sketch and consequently the substances from which they’re made, some run the chance of scratching furniture, so you should be careful about setting them on just anything from placemats to coasters.

Vases are beautiful additions to our homes, so let’s get into the article and see the 10 best blue crystal vases available currently online.

Table of Contents

1. Serene Spaces Living Blue Crystal Bud Vases

Serene Spaces Living Crystal Bud Vases
If you want to give a single perfect flower, you have two options.

You can buy a bud vase designed to hold a single flower or if you’re looking for a more vintage look, Eddie Ross suggests getting a cylindrical blue crystal vase. 

Fill the glass halfway with water, cut the stem off the flower, and let it float (you could use a plain old iced tea glass instead), but you might be setting someone you love up, to mistakenly imbibe a floral-scented glass of water.

Every item, from handcrafted home items to lavish glass pieces, are packed and delivered with the utmost care, no matter whether you buy multiple items for an outsized room or the right piece.

The relaxing glass blue vase is so subtle, that you simply can create a serene feeling in any room, where you place your vases.

Six bottle vases in one set, you’ll organize these cute bottles together in single room or distribute them in your home, supplying you with tons of versatility, to include in your decorating style.

It is perfect and reasonable for long stem flowers because the form of every bottle is big and slim, thus, placing an artificial or fresh-cut flower with an extended stem inside, works alright.

Each bottle is 5.25 inches tall and a couple of inches in diameter at rock bottom, with little neck and opening.

Ensure you change the water as often as possible.

This piece is for decorative purposes only and cleaned with a humid cloth, not rubbed or placed within the dishwasher.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy handling
  • Small in size
  • Set of six bottles
  • Based on modern decoration techniques

2. CN CRAFTS Hand-Made Blown Art Blue Bud Glass Blue Crystal Vase

Hand-Made Blown Art Blue Bud Glass Crystal Vase
This product is a splendid thought for any room in your home, as this bulb-formed blue crystal vase is an absolute necessity, to show a solitary cut-out or sprout.

This modern glass flower vase is a picture-perfect present idea, for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New year, house warming, spring floral arrangement, and delightful room decoration, for lavatory, dining room, kitchen, front room, and table.

This vase is manufactured from electric furnace blue crystal glass, which is thicker than normal handmade glass and it has a small diaphragm shape, with a simple and stylish style.

The vase is exclusively mouth-blown and hand-made art glass, by skilled craftsmen, thus, slight variations may occur thanks to human error.

The blue color is solid and translucent, retaining its originally royal and stylish look, without discoloration.

The dimension of the vase is; a height of 8.5″, top width of 1-3/8″, bottom width of 2-3/8”, blue color, a weight of 0.114 lbs (250 g), and a thick bottom, with a weighted base, which prevents contents from tipping over.

The cut edge is flat and smooth, with a good refractive effect, with regular and meticulous workmanship smooth lines.

A fresh and sophisticated vase stuffed with different hand cut flowers, which may be used as a lounge decoration, and put within the bedroom to take a natural breath.

Add to a gathering for a sensational showcase or show alone for shortsighted tastefulness, in any case, this vase is a shocker with its full body and thin neck.

If there ever comes when you feel this jar no longer serves your stylistic layout, it tends to be repurposed as a water pitcher or even a compartment, to mature little clumps of wine or brew!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Protected
  • Single stem flower
  • Elegant look

3. Torre & Tagus Andrea Swirl Glass Tall Bulb Vase

Andrea Swirl Glass Tall Bulb Vase
If you need a straightforward, storm glass vase, this is a go-to vase that you will love. 

Its spotless outline and clear glass, settle on it the ideal decision for huge, vigorous bundles, that would prefer not to contend with their jar, for consideration

This simple and fashionable blue crystal vase by Torre & Tagus will add depth to any room/setting, with soft lines and multi-layered swirl outlines, which are unique to every vase and adding depth/layers to any setting

Andrea swirl blue crystal vases are handmade art glass exclusively by Torre & Tagus, with a color and surface swirl details through these handmade crystal vases, to feature a real gallery-inspired look, at a fraction of the gallery price.

Several designs are available for buyers to explore the complete range, as Torre & Tagus concentrate on sourcing perfection, in clean, contemporary home décor and accessories, from around the world.

All collections that show the most recent trends in modern design and elegance are synonymous with fresh, comfortable designs, in items that bring beauty to everyday living.

Make a statement with this attractive blue crystal vase, handcrafted by skilled artisans with a dimension that measures 8. 75″ Width x 5. 25″ Lenght x 14. 25″ Height. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple colors
  • Handmade
  • Low priced

4. Ballerina Hand Blown Blue Flower Vase

Ballerina Hand Blown Blue Flower Vase
Turns out that containers aren’t only for blossoms any longer, as this barrel-shaped container looks extra-sharp, roosted on its remains with a light on fire.

Redefine your lifestyle Ballerina Vases, a glass brand that extends from the love of salsa dancers, whose arty language is to know pure innocent love.

In the light and dark interweaved light transformation, the glass uses the dusty glass surface to understand the stunning details of ballet art; the steps, the body, the little jump, the landing, the rotation, the wiping, and the supreme visual shock, with the wonderful dance.

Made of great-quality hand-blown art glass, creative blue crystal vase in European up-to-date style, with a black band.

Each amazing work of art is made by craftsmen through lots of steps and there could also be a couple of air bubbles, that are a key symbol of distinguishing handmade and mechanism items.

Thanks to the wonderful and whimsical design, the item can offer your interior space a fresh and clean feeling, which can make for great collectibles for Mother’s Day, friends, bloomy arrangements, office decoration, home ornament, and wedding showpieces.

Well packed with a customized bubble sheet and delightful individual carton box, it’s the superb present idea for any occasion.

Dimensional manual measurements are maxed diameter of 7.28″, opening diameter of 1.38″, a height of 12.99″, and a weight after packing, of 5.39lb.

A pop of color at a price that will make your wallet sing, these affordable crystal vases are handcrafted, mouth-blown sensations, that come in 4 beautiful color options, blue, blue-grey, violet, or smoke.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Each item design inspiration source is from an exceptional story
  • Rich design 
  • High value is worth collecting and make you have a different life taste
  • Handmade

5. Royal Imports Flower/Bud Glass Blue Crystal Vase

Flower/Bud Glass Blue Crystal Vase
Embellish your home, office, or distinct event, with this beautiful royal cobalt blue crystal glass, ten-inch square single flower vase.

It has a two-inch opening, so it fits one rose or a single flower impeccably and this vase is formed using only best-quality material, which will not topple.

This bud vase also mentioned as rose vases are the foremost popular of vases within the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry.

From home decorators to event planners, everyone appreciates a prime quality, sturdy crystal vase, that has unlimited possibilities of use.

It will enhance any romantic event when full of roses, or simply branches, as these blue crystal vases are extremely popular with fresh flower arrangements, like silk or dried floral designs.

It’s also commonly used as candle holders, storage containers (in modern offices), aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pour containers, and centerpieces stuffed with gems or lights.

Fill it with your desired flowers like carnations, roses, or orchids, to make a beautiful flagship.

This silky vase is adorned with a classic cobalt blue finish, to enhance any flower and each single stem vase, features thick glass walls and a weighted base, to ensure durability.

It is often full of roses, candles, orchids, branches, vase fillers, pearls, gems, pebbles, fruits, macaroons, etc.

Each 10″x2″ bud vase is crafted with excellence, thus creating a sleek, flawless centerpiece.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Single flower vase
  • Crafted
  • Multiple event usage

6. Kosta Boda Mirage Blue Crystal Vase

Kosta Boda Mirage Blue Crystal Vase
Goran Warf’s signature motifs contrast with bold strokes and flows of color, within heavy, brilliant blue crystal vase forms.

The colors of mirage harmonize subtly with the forms and depths of the vases, therefore, the play of sunshine within the blue crystal seems to feature other forms and dimensions mirages, hence the name.

To create the mirage vase, encased within the brilliantly clear lead-free crystal, are veils of three color combinations; blue/amber, red/gray, and blue/green, that shimmer and alter, depending on light quality, which is very similar to the mirage effect of warmth within the desert. 

The vases are hand-crafted art glass by master glassmakers in Sweden, and as a result, each of them is exclusive.

A superb present for the art collector, each glass piece arrives during a Kosta Boda box, signifying the very best artistry in both design and implementation, which is perfect for gifting.

Washing this crystal, whose weight is around a pound, by hand is usually recommended.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lead-free crystal handcrafted by master glassmakers in Sweden
  • Designed by Swedish artist gran
  • Clear, dense shape encases veils of color
  • Gift-boxed

7. Fantastic Ryan Ins Modern Glass Vase

Fantastic Ryan Ins Modern Glass Vase
In the case of designing your dining table for a rich supper, with companions or showing a brilliant bundle of new cut roses, this chic customized swag cut crystal vase is the ideal supplement. 

The vase includes a cutting edge loot cut plan, with various lines on the sides of the jar, calculating towards the base.

With their extraordinary shape and a trace of shading, these jars are a genuine gem and they are designed from the stalagmite found on cavern floors.

Style glass flower vases are perfect contemporary work of art, that can be used in the decoration for your kitchen, dining room, front room, and office.

A great present for Christmas, thanksgiving, house warming, wedding, and anniversary, these ‘Fantastic Ryan unique crystal vases’ are made of solid translucent glass material and coated with glossy color, to make sure they are durable and glamorous, at the same time.

This product will turn our to be your best decorative floral container, which is suitable for fresh flower arrangements, silk, or dried flowers.

The hand blowing process has made each of the vases unique and the bud vase is formed from clear art glass, of top quality.

The sparkling glass can catch and reflect light for a surprising effect, adding a splash of charm to any tabletop decor, which also makes it the most effective choice.

Vase size is 8.7” tall, 2.5” in upper diameter, and 4’’ in bottom diameter.

It’s been popularized by event planners, florists, interior designers, restaurants, and home decorators.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple event usage
  • Durable
  • Decorative surprise for Valentine’s day
  • Easy to use

8. Lewondr Crystal Style Decorative Vase

Lewondr Crystal Style Decorative Vase
Bring home the tranquility of the seashore throughout the entire year, with this trio of nautical blue vases. 

Including lavish blue glass, complemented with twine and a dangling trimming, these jars are the meaning of in vogue fun.

Transform any tabletop display in your home with this sleek and classy crystal vase, as each is crafted from hand-blown glass, with an easy silhouette and rimmed spout.

Both elegant and contemporary, the Lewondr glass vase is the ideal vessel, for creating gorgeous floral arrangements and centerpieces for weddings, events, and special occasions.

The handblown art glass table vase is certain to catch eyes and compliments, in any room or area and it’s perfect for adding fresh flower arrangements, dried flowers, or artificial grass and it can be used as a centerpiece, mantelpiece accent, and more.

The elegant vase comes in clean lines and contemporary style from a premium glass construction, creating a chic play of form and color on your table, or brightening a mantle.

Crafted from hand-blown glass material, this display is water-resistant and straightforward, to stay clean and new, and also leak-proof, making it a durable piece for any home occasion or space.

With its simple and stylish appearance, this vase is certain to blend within the blanks of any ensemble, making it perfect for adding instant elegance to your home, office, restaurant, flower shop, wedding, etc.

Measurements are opening of 6.5 cm/2.56-inch, base of 10 cm/3.93-inch, and a height of 22 cm/8.66 inch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hand-blown handcraft
  • Best-quality translucent glass
  • Durable
  • Perfect for gifting purpose

9. AF ANDREW FAMILY Heart Shaped Blue& Green Sand Vase

Heart Shaped Blue& Green Sand Vase
The wedding sand ceremony may be memorable, thanks to the symbolism of two families joining together, and also the presence of this stunning vase.

It is perfect for outdoor ceremonies and destination/beach weddings, as this heart vase set will become a marriage keepsake that you simply will cherish forever.

This pretty Sand Unity Ceremony Set’ includes; one glass heart vase, with a rubber seal cork and glass stopper, one metal stand, one small funnel, one tube of blue sand, and one tube of green sand.

Science, nature, and configuration meet up to make these staggering, test tube style jars, which are extraordinary for little spaces, with their smaller size and moderate style.

Different colored sands are poured from the plastic tube, by putting the tiny funnel in the glass vase, during the ceremony, which is a simple, yet helpful small PP plastic funnel for transferring sand,

It has a tight glass stopper with a rubber seal, and you do not have to worry about pouring out after a wedding or anniversary celebration.

Dimensions are; a funnel mouth of 5.3cm and a height of 6cm.

The metal stand with three legs confirms the vase stands well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Thoughtful design
  • Durable and strong
  • Low priced
  • With metal stand

10. Noah Decoration Double Ear Hand-Blown Crystal Vase

Double Ear Hand-Blown Crystal Vase
Our double ear clear crystal vases are made by hand-blowing technology and the material of the crystal vase is best-quality quartz sand.

And through 1300 degrees of the heat of burning, the clear crystal vases are well made, with a quality thickness of 0.3cm to 0.5cm of all the items, so the items are all very solid and durable; and its normal to have air bubbles appear in the glass.

The double ear clear crystal vases have three different sizes, with bubbles or raindrop design on the entire body.

The double ear clear crystal vases are often utilized in different background settings, like a gathering room, dining room, wedding room, classroom also as many other different settings.

Beautiful decoration, together with your favorite hand cut flowers, fillers, or plant, for home and weddings, both indoors and outdoors.

Great present for housewarming, wedding, conference, and hotel decoration, with dimensions (Bottom) 4.6″ x (Top) 4.0″ x (Height) 6.8″.

Breakage proof package, with free replacement for any damaged product.

Please immediately reach the Amazon customer service or seller if you receive your product from a shattered or broken supplier, they will refund you immediately or exchange.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Certificated environment friendly
  • Breakage proof packaging
  • Great gift

Final Thoughts

Vases are simply beautiful items for adorning your spaces with very versatile uses, as they are not always confined to flowers.

The brands and sellers ensure that they ship their products to any country and any location, including United Kingdom, at reasonable shipping charges.

Besides Amazon, these products are also available on various other online stores like Etsy, etc., at various prices, deals and discount.

The blue crystal vase permits you to plunk down and design out your vision, with them. 

Crystal vases can make your events look much more elegant by adding a serene beauty from the arrangement of flowers or other decorative places, turn a seemingly drab room into a chic space with a simple arrangement of beautiful flowers, in any of these beautiful blue crystal vases.

If you’re thinking of changing your home décor without breaking the bank, then these vases are just perfect for you.

Please let us know you’re suggestions or comments on this article and also, did you enjoy this article on blue crystal vases?.

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