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10 Best Asian Floor Lamps & Their Reviews For 2021

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Skye Rhodes

A beautiful home is everyone’s dream and the best Asian floor lamp is all you need to go with it.

Interior design and decoration holds a special place in determining the taste of an individual. 

The best thing about decor is that the options and variety in every little object are limitless. 

Lights and lamps are the most essential parts of the decor.

They give a feel and aura to a home.

Asian floor lamps are always considered as the most creative and sophistical designs.

Be it your living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining space, or soothing balcony.

Here is the list of the 10 best Asian floor lamps for this year.

Table of Contents

1. Asian Floor Lamp With Torchiere Light

Asian Floor Lamp With Torchiere Light
As we start the review, this masterpiece tops the list.

Made by the renowned Possini Euro Design. 

It is based on a Deep Coffee color wood column structure with shades of white linen over the lights.

It is 66” high with a base of 12”. 

Does not take much space and can be placed in a corner in your living room and provides enough lighting.

Comes with dual control floor switches for on/off. 

3 bulbs are controlled with a switch and the top one has a dimmer to adjust the shade as per your choice.

In times of technology, our number 1 is tech-savvy.

It is compatible with the smart lights feature which enables you to synchronize it with the existing system and hence is operated just by your voice or the remote control, depending on the type of system you have installed.

It’s fairly easy to assemble the floor lamp as it comes semi-assembled.

Just a few minutes of work and the new floor lamp is ready for use.

Place it in the corner and you have the beautiful modern style furniture for all the moods.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dual control floor switch
  • Dimmer to get the exact shade you need
  • Compatible with smart light feature
  • Sleek and attractive
  • Very easy to assemble

2. Asian Floor Lamp Bronze Iron Tiffany Style

Asian Floor Lamp Bronze Iron Tiffany Style
This beautiful piece of floor furniture is different in its way. 

A combination of modern work with a hint of soberness makes it special.

Coming from the house of Robert Louis Tiffany, it is an art glass floor lamp.

Standing at a height of 62”, with 2 standard medium base bulbs, this creates a perfect ambiance for a romantic evening.

The finely crafted glass is made of 100 pieces of hand-assembled glass soldered with copper foil.

The use of bronze as base material gives a classic finish look to these floor lamps and twin chain pull switches make this floor lamp easy to work, and also makes lighting up a single bulb possible.

Its quirky look makes this floor lamp a great fit for every place in your house is it your living room floor, bedroom floor, reading or even office floor, providing enough lighting wherever it is placed.

Suits everywhere.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Delicate yet a strong piece
  • Exceptional handwork with the glasses
  • Great lamp for those who like a bit dim light in the corner
  • Fits all-around in your place

3. Artiva USA Sakura 42-Inch Floor Lamp

Artiva USA Sakura 42-Inch Floor Lamp
If you are looking for something sober and woody, then this is your thing. 

This piece of floor furniture got huge acceptance because of its unique texture and feel and can easily be described as floor lamps with modern lines but with hints of past Asian elegance.

With height of 42”, based on a heavy sturdy black Lacquer finish wood base and gold natural premium shade over lights, both made with high-quality materials. 

The contrast combination gives it an eye-catching look.

The compatible size allows you to use it as floor lamp as well as table lamp.

No matter if you are having a traditional setting or a modern decor, these floor lamps fit in all.

You can use a 10W as well as a 60W bulb, depending on the lighting ambiance you are looking for. 

With an on/off switch on the cord and a floor switch, it’s quite easy to work on.

Very simple to assemble, would take just a few minutes.

For safety reasons, the floor lamps come very carefully wrapped in foam sheets and inside heavy cardboard.

If anything happens to any part of the floor lamp, the company is providing you a six-month warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Perfect fit in the living room as well as in the bedroom
  • A switch on the cord and one-floor switch for lighting
  • Six-month warranty
  • Very attractive and elegant

4. Simple Designs Home Organizer Storage Shelf Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Home Organizer Storage Shelf Floor Lamp
Number 4 on our list is the piece manufactured by “All The Rages Inc”, serves not only as floor lamps but also has 3 shelves that can be used either for storage or display.

With a height of almost 63”, this multipurpose floor lamp will define the grace of your living room.

A simple, clean-looking floor lamp that has shelves and can be placed on the floor in a corner or just beside the Couch.

With 3 shelves that are tailor-made for your precious items such as a framed photograph or your favorite books or maybe your lucky plant.

These floor lamps are sturdy when they are put together and you need not worry about the floor lamp tipping over or about the things you have put into the shelves.

A medium base bulb on the top inside white linen shade which diffuse lights without any hinderance, giving a refreshing warm glow, preferably 100W bulb, will illuminate the room with elegance.

The material used for lamp shade is linen based which gives a very soothing warm glow of lighting and makes it an absolute favorite of the public.

Compatibility with smart light makes it an addition to Alexa’s scope.

This floor lamp furnishes a pull chain on/off switch so that you don’t have to go down every time to put it on or off.

You just need a screwdriver to assemble this floor lamps, very easy and just a matter of a few minutes.

To add to the long list of advantages, the manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multipurpose use makes it worth the money
  • Available in various attractive colors
  • Compatible with smart light
  • Relatively tall and looks like a unit in itself
  • Company grants a one-year limited warranty

5. Adesso Home Transitional Two Light Floor Lamp

Adesso Home Transitional Two Light Floor Lamp
This one is for unique design and style lovers and is a transitional 2 light floor lamp commonly called a Stix floor lantern.

50” height and 9.5” base makes it a perfect fit for the living room as well as the bedroom. 

Easy to install.

Just plug in these floor lamps with 12-volt power supply and enjoy the lighting hue.

The black metal poles are used to make the twisted frame with stacked black cane sticks, at the same time the Beige finish adds a lot to the grace of this product. 

This floor lamp should be considered less as a utility and more as an accent design element as it looks like a sculpture when not lit.

Although it’s constructed of hundreds of individual sticks, they are all going to stay in place unless the floor lamp is wobbled. 

Smart outlet compatible, with 2 bulbs with Base code E26 gives the appropriate lighting feel to your room.

Depending on the mood and the purpose, if you want it even dimmer then you can remove one bulb.

If you are looking for an accent lamp lights with a statement, this one’s for you.

In case of any misfortune before 1 year, the manufacturer will replace the lamp.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique design with beige finish
  • Looks like a composition even when it is off
  • Smart outlet compatible
  • Lighting brightness can be adjusted by removing a bulb
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer

6. Adesso 3-Light Floor Lamp

6. Adesso 3-Light Floor Lamp
One more brilliant piece from Adesso if you are looking for a different style from the usual, this piece of furniture is made for you.

Standing at 82”, this floor lamp makes you feel its presence. 

3 shades with 8” diameter illuminate the area well.

This floor lamp is the answer to people asking for lights in and around the countryside or any living area that has fauna or else it is also best fit on the floors of a considerably big living room or around the stairs or in the balcony. 

The lamp gives a rich look and goes with any style setting you have.

You can use colored lamps, or different colored lamps in every lantern to get a different lighting ambiance.

Antique bronze finish, barrel-shaped lanterns like shade made of brown cane sticks with a fabric like white rice paper to diffuse the lights.

The wands are adjustable and can be adjusted at any desired angles which enables you to concentrate light at a particular place without having to move the whole lamp.

The round cement base is really heavy with a diameter of 12.5” makes it stable even after being a tall lamp and doesn’t let the floor lamp wobble easily.

These floor lamps come with a 60” long cord, on/off rotary switch and the fact that it is compatible with smart light makes this exotic floor lamp up for the taking.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Round heavy cement base material for stability
  • The three lanterns are hung on adjustable wands
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smart light compatible
  • 60” long cord
  • Worth for the money and cost-effective

7. Stone & Beam Deco Metal Floor Lamp

Stone & Beam Deco Metal Floor Lamp
Number 7 is a people’s favorite as it’s an absolute style statement from the very popular name in the floor lamps segment and is called as GHGY0.

Unusual design and contrast color scheme of the top and the base makes it a one of a kind piece of floor furniture making a statement without being outrageous.

This floor lamp stands on a four metal finish leg base with a top of linen shade and provided with the fact that the small area of the base means it can be placed in any corner without any space issues. 

Again a beautiful piece of floor furniture which goes with a modern setting as well as with traditional style decor and can easily go with industrial, craftsmen, mid-century, or even with farmhouse style decor.

Around 60 inch in height it sets up beautifully in the living room or dining space.

The base of the metal legs is made strong so it is sturdy on the floor as well as on the carpet.

The power cord comes through one of the legs of the floor lamp, so it doesn’t give a messy look of wires tangling around the lamp.

As per the technical details, the floor lamp is manufactured with a capacity of 9 watts.

The company provides a 9-watt LED bulb, 800 lumens, equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb which has a standard (E26) base with the lamp so that you do not have to wait after plugging the floor lamp in the power supply. 

Provides an appreciable bright amount of lights to keep the feel of the room warm, comfortable, and a contemporary atmosphere.

It comes nicely wrapped and packed, very easy to put together.

Though it is rated for low wattage LED lighting only but gives adequate lighting.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The complementary bulb inside with a standard (E26) base
  • Can be used as a reading lamp as well on bedside
  • Changes the look of the room for good
  • The power cord comes through the leg eliminating chances of tangling wires
  • Even after standing on 4 legs the floor lamps stands sturdy and firm
  • Packed in soft foam and hard cardboard and easy to assemble

8. Stone & Beam Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

Stone & Beam Modern Tripod Floor Lamp
Another beautiful piece of floor furniture from Adesso’s collection. 

This floor lamp has Pine hardwood legs that have black metal pieces in the middle and then the legs meet together at the top.

A broad white linen shade at the top completes the wonderful artwork with the fact that the wood color and the white shade complement each other very gracefully and are a perfect match for a modern, farmhouse, or industrial style decor.

About 60” height and 18” wide at the base makes it a wonderful fit for a bedroom corner or under the stair or beside your pool table in the gaming room or even in the dining area.

Easy to put together, just need a flat face screwdriver and look top-notch once set up. 

Almost all the parts of the tripod floor lamps are not much heavy and hence the total weight of the furniture is substantially less which makes it easier to move around and change the position of the set-piece if needed.

The height of the floor lamps is adjustable without having to compromise on the look and this very quality of this lamp enables you to change the height according to other furniture items in the room such as sofa, couch, center table, etc. so that every item in your room goes in some sync.

It is rustic and yet has the cleanliness and a bit of fashionable as well as classic feel as if from a retro time. 

The tripod floor lamps come with a small guide with pictures which makes it even easier to assemble them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great buy especially for wood texture lovers
  • Comes with a complimentary bulb, standard E26 base
  • Height of the lamp is adjustable without changing the look
  • An Assemble guide with pictures is provided
  • A nice blend of wood and metal

9. Adesso Trio Floor Lamp

Adesso Trio Floor Lamp
Number 9 on our list of top 10 floor lamps is a very modern-looking set of furniture. 

These three-shade floor lamps provide an ample amount of light.

The sleek design makes it a great solution for someone with storage problems. 

The small yet firm base enables you to have a decorative item even in restrictive spaces.

Besides, there are 2 acrylic shelves for storage and display purposes. 

68” high but sleek modern design adds to the ‘reasons to buy’ column. 

Brushed steel frame consisting of poles and white shades on top of it.

It is a delicate lamp but still is durable.

The look of the floor lamp is pleasing to eyes and you can adjust the lighting level by turning on/off the individual lamps and without even much fuss you can create a wonderful ambiance for either watching tv or chit-chatting with friends. 

A 60” Power cord is helpful as even if you have to set the lamp a bit away from the power socket, you need not worry. 

It has three separate pull strings to adjust the amount of lighting you like according to your mood or setting.

You can synchronize it to your already installed smart lights system.

Easy enough to assemble and as they say, it’s the style which makes a lamp preferable and this floor lamp has got a lot of styles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Requires very less ground space
  • Has 2 shelves for storage and display
  • 60-inch long power cord
  • Smart light compatible
  • Each lamp has a dedicated on/off switch

10. Simple Designs Home Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Home Floor Lamp
Ending our top 10-floor lamps list with the cutest one of the lot. 

Only the second entry from the brand “All the Rages Inc”.

Last but not the least, this black beauty is an eye-catcher and as the name suggests, the Mother and Daughter lamp comes with two separate lamps. 

The mother lamp, which is on the top is for illuminating the room with the light. 

The daughter lamp is a reading lamp with a whooping 71” high structure, this lamp makes its presence felt in a living room.

The fact that it has a very small round base but still a sturdy one makes it a wonderful piece if you are having some serious space issues. 

The base and the thin pole are painted finish in black and the plastic shades are contrasting white and hence have a great depth effect.

The reading light is adjustable and bends. 

A 60W bulb is used in the daughter lamp while the lamp at the top does not move and a 150W bulb is used inside. 

You can use either one or both of them together depending upon the mood and the need.

Perfect for almost all the sections of your home, be it a living room, bedroom, study, library, or the Hutt in your garden.

The wire runs through the floor lamp and does not leave you with a dirty look of wire all around the lamp.

The best part is, it comes with a twelve-month warranty with the issues related to the quality of the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Separate switches for both the lamps
  • Invisible wiring makes the lamp look neat and clean
  • Works both ways, for aesthetic purposes as well as for reading
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer

The Importance Of Floor Lamps

Light, as we know is probably the most important factor, be it the light of hope in life or the light in the home. 

A home is made beautiful by small things and it is a well-known fact that decor and interior are vital to give the perfect look and the feel to a home. 

The lights and the lamps are the first things anyone would notice. 

Every lamp has its uniqueness and purpose and in the market, they have the most modern and fashionable designs for floor lamps as well as the most traditional – Asian, Oriental, Japanese shoji; and contemporary styles.

You can surely choose depending on your taste and lighting purpose.

Choosing floor lamps that works for you is important. 

There are various factors involved like for instance the amount of space you have. 

If you are looking for your right corner, you have to choose a sleek lamp.

If you want something for your living room, make sure the floor lamps go with a decor setting you already have.

It gives the required amount of light whereas a relatively dim but soothing floor lamp would be great for the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

The market today is not confined to four walls.

There are limitless possibilities and options available just in a click.

Just sit with the right frame of mind and you have everything available in front of you, shop whatever is best for your requirements.

Here we tried to list the 10 best floor lamps available for you online.

We have tried to cover as much information as we can about each one of them so that it would be easy for you to compare and choose the best Asian floor lamps for your house. 

I hope these reviews prove helpful to you in choosing the perfect floor lamp.

Happy shopping!

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